Social Media Contest Rules



FOX 50 & MeTV 50.2 Generic Social Media Contest Rules


From time-to time, FOX 50 may give away swag on our Facebook page because (a) we like giving away stuff and (b) we assume you like to get stuff.  Assuming both are correct, here are some really basic things our lawyers make us say:

No purchase necessary (not that we don’t like money, we just don’t accept it for contests).

Entry dates and deadlines will be posted with the contest

You need to be 18 or older and a legal, permanent resident of the United States and North Carolina to enter

If you win (and we really hope you do), we will contact you by Facebook message.  You’ve got five (5) days to claim your prize.  After that, well, you’ll be prize-less!

Some prizes may be mailed, other prizes may have to be picked up at FOX 50, which is located at 2619 Western Boulevard, Raleigh, North Carolina 27606.  By the way, we aren’t responsible for any travel related expenses, so please be careful.  Our really cool and super sweet contest coordinator will coordinate your gift receipt.

You can only win one time every 12 months.

Please don’t create multiple accounts.  If you do, we gotta disqualify you and your many personalities.  (Odds of winning depend on the different people that play, not personalities!)

Repeat after us, “Don’t repeat the same post, don’t repeat the same post, and don’t repeat the same post.”

While we think ALL our swag is priceless, items will be worth somewhere between $25-100 (ARV).  Think of it this way, you won’t have to account for it at tax time!

You give us the right to publish your name if you win, but this shouldn’t bother you too much if you think about it, since you are on the world, wide, web.

Our employees are not eligible to win (Hey, your chances just got better!).

All decisions are final and ultimately ours (FOX 50/WRAZ-TV/Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.).

Unless otherwise stated, these rules will cover all our Facebook contests. In fact, our contests are not associated with Facebook.


Good luck and thanks for playing!