Closed Captioning

Who do I call if my closed captioning on FOX 50 isn’t working? For immediate closed captioning assistance: Phone: 919-595-5050 or 877-369-5050 Fax: 919-595-5028

For written closed captioning complaints or non-immediate assistance: To help us better address your closed captioning issue please submit the following information via email or mail:

  • name, zip code, and email address (or other preferred contact information)
  • the name of the program watched with the closed captioning issue
  • the network/channel consumer was watching; and
  • the date and time of the program when the issue occurred
  • Has this problem occurred in the past?  If so, how often?
  • the name of the subscription service, if any (i.e. cable or satellite)
  • a description of the closed captioning problem


Mailing Address:
Attn: Closed Captioning c/o Jim Rothschild, Station Manager
FOX 50
2619 Western Boulevard
Raleigh, N.C. 27606