American Idol Audition FAQs

Where and when will FOX 50’s Local American Idol Auditions be held?

Auditions will be held at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh on Saturday, August 1.  Registration begins at 9:00AM and ends at 12 Noon. No one will be registered after 12 Noon.

Are auditions by appointment or cattle call style?

Each singer will be assigned a number, which must be presented at the time of audition. Being in line and/or registering does NOT guarantee an audition. If you are not available when your number is called, you will be disqualified.

When can I line up and where do I need to be?

NO lines may form before 5:00 AM on Saturday, August 1. No camping out allowed.

You MAY ENTER Crabtree Valley Mall to line up in the designated area (lower level-inside next to Macy’s) as early as 5am. Look for the roped-off area and sign that says “Line Stars Here” for your place to line up. There will be security there to help tell you where to go. That line will be considered the only line for registering to audition. You must register to audition.


Registration will begin at 9:00AM at the FOX 50 Room (lower level – inside next to Macy’s) of Crabtree Valley Mall on Saturday, August 1 and will continue until 12 Noon. [And for the love of Pete, be courteous to others in line. That includes: no cutting in line, no holding a place in line for an extended period of time. If you cause a problem, you’ll be disqualified.]

Where do I get the application form?

The ONLY place you can get the rules and mandatory application form is from [And make sure it’s not the national American Idol Application form. Having the wrong form could get you disqualified. Forms WILL NOT be available at Crabtree Valley Mall.]

Who’s eligible to audition?

Please check with the official rules for all the eligibility requirements. Here are the main ones:

  • A legal U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident who is eligible to work full-time in the U.S. and a resident of one of these North Carolina counties: Chatham, Cumberland, Durham, Edgecombe, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Harnett, Hoke, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Nash,  Northampton, Orange, Person, Sampson, Vance, Wake, Warren, Wayne or Wilson.
  • 15 to 28 years old (which means you must be born on or between June 2, 1986 and June 1, 2000). If you were born before or after this, you are not eligible to audition.

If I have a contract or a manager for anything entertainment related (but not involving music), am I eligible to compete?

For the local FOX 50 audition, you are NOT eligible to audition if you have any type of a contract for talent representation. (For eligibility requirements at the national auditions, please visit: )

How many people are you auditioning?

The audition will be limited to eligible contestants who comply with the official rules. Auditions will start at 1:00pm. We cannot guarantee everyone will get the chance to audition, but every effort will be made.

Who can audition?

Individual vocalists age 15 to 28 (which means you must be born on or between June 2, 1986 and June 1, 2000). If you were born before or after this, you are not eligible to audition.

What should I bring to the audition?

  • Two (2) forms of Identification (I.D.) that prove your age and residence. At least one must be a photo I.D. Acceptable forms of identification are: valid driver’s license, valid state issued I.D. card, valid student I.D., valid military I.D., valid passport, current utility bill or lease in your name, current vehicle registration, pay stub, voter registration card and birth certificate.
  • The FOX 50 Audition registration form completely, accurately & truthfully filled out. Forms will not be available at the auditions! National audition forms will not be accepted.
  • If you are UNDER 18 years of age, you must bring two (2) forms of identification (I.D.) that prove your age and residence (see list above) AND you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian. Parent must bring their photo I.D. and proof of parenthood (for example, birth certificate). Legal guardian must bring their photo I.D. and proof of guardianship (for example, a court order). Legal guardian must be 21 years of age or older.

I’m under 18 and want to audition. What do I need?

If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian. Parent must bring a photo I.D. and proof of parenthood (for example, birth certificate). Legal guardian must bring a photo I.D. and proof of guardianship (for example, a court order). Legal Guardian must be 21 years of age or older.

Can I bring friends or family to the audition?

YES!  Bring as many folks as you want to the audition.  But, we ask that you try to limit the number of folks in line with you. Also, you are NOT allowed to bring chairs of any kind to the mall.

Can I bring a musical instrument with me to the audition?

No instruments can be used during your audition. All auditions are a cappella (without music).

What should I sing at the audition?

Be prepared to sing a song, or portion of a song, of your choice a cappella (without tracks or instruments.) You may be stopped at any time during your song. [In other words, you sing until they ask you to stop.] Also, remember that your audition will be held in a public place. So avoid songs that are not appropriate for public listening. (No profanity or lewd lyrics.)

What can I wear at my audition?

It’s up to you, but please remember that you will perform in a public place. Contest officials reserve the right to make contestants alter or change their wardrobe before auditioning.

So what happens at the audition?

Contestants will be called in numerical order and allowed to sing a song of their choice. A panel of judges will select ONE winner based on vocal quality, performance and overall stage presence.

What are the judges looking for in my performance?

Great local singers with a lot of personality and talent! Singers will be judged on vocal quality, performance and overall stage presence.

When will the Grand Prize winner be announced?

The Grand Prize winner will be announced during the WRAL 7-9am News on FOX 50 on Monday, August 3 and posted on The Grand Prize winner must meet all eligibility requirements.

What’s the Grand Prize?

There will be ONE Grand Prize winner selected.

The Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • A guaranteed audition with the producers of AMERICAN IDOL and a Meet & Greet with the AMERICAN IDOL Season 15 Judges scheduled for Sunday, August 23, 2015 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Does the trip to Little Rock include hotel and airfare?

Yes: hotel accommodations for two (2) people for two (2) nights (double occupancy) in Little Rock, Arkansas and round trip airfare for two (2) between Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) and Little Rock, Arkansas. Any vocal singers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, which will count as “guest”. Please see official rules for costs that are not covered.

What if I’m not available on the published dates?

If you’re not available for the dates listed in the grand prize, you will forfeit the entire package. PLEASE make sure you are available for ALL dates before you register.

If I don’t win this audition, am I still permitted to go to the national auditions?

Yes. Find out more about the national auditions:

Okay, is there anything else you can tell me? Please? Pretty please?

Well, since you said please…here’s some advice to help everyone give their very best audition!

  • Get a photo ID. Gotta have one. If you don’t have one (like a Driver’s License,) we recommend you take care of that ASAP. [One solution is to go to your local DMV office and get a North Carolina Identification Card.]
  • Come prepared. There will be NO forms available at the mall. Also, make sure you have all of your forms and necessary ID. Double-check before you leave the house. Forgetting something will cause you not only a lot of grief, but it might cost you your spot if you have to leave and get something!
  • Eat and drink! We know some of you are gonna be nervous about auditions; it’s natural. But you still have to play it smart! During the day of auditions, make sure you plan to eat appropriately and drink plenty of water.
  • Play to your strengths. As we mentioned earlier, you can choose almost any song to sing. So go ahead and pick the song style that is going to show off your skills the best.
  • Get to the “good stuff.” Don’t be surprised if your time on stage goes by REALLY fast! So get the most out of your audition by getting to the “good stuff” quick. Lots of people want to hold off and save it for the end. Our advice? Don’t hold back because you may run out of time.
  • Enjoy it! Sure, auditions can be absolutely crazy and nerve-wracking, but they can also be a blast! Just keep a positive attitude, be friendly towards everybody, concentrate on your performance, and enjoy being a part of FOX 50’s LOCAL AMERICAN IDOL AUDITION CONTEST!

And of course, this just in from the “covering ALL the bases” department:

(when you read it to yourself, pretend it’s James Earl Jones voice.  Lot more enjoyable.)