Emily Deschanel (BONES), Eliza Dushku (“Dollhouse”), Danny Trejo (“Machete”), Katee Sackhoff (“Battlestar Gallactica”) and Director Robert Rodriguez Make Guest Voice Appearances

THE CLEVELAND SHOW: Cleveland and Donna work together to stop Robert Rodriguez (guest-voicing as himself) from screening a film that Donna starred in when she was younger in the "Hot Cocoa Bang Bang" season finale episode of THE CLEVELAND SHOW airing Sunday, May 15 (9:30-10:00 PM) on FOX 50. THE CLEVELAND SHOW @ and © 2011 TTCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

By Jason Matthews

Cleveland takes the entire family to a comic convention in an attempt to sell his comic book, “Waderman.” While there, Donna is horrified to find out that Robert Rodriguez (guest-voicing as himself) is screening a Blaxploitation film that she starred in when she was younger, and Cleveland Jr., tired of Comic-Con being a playground for Hollywood to peddle their projects, gathers a band of geeks together to take the Con back to its true origins in the all-new “Hot Cocoa Bang Bang” season finale episode of THE CLEVELAND SHOW airing Sunday, May 15 (9:30-10:00 PM) on FOX 50. (CLE-222) (TV-14 L, S, V)

Voice Cast: Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown and Rallo Tubbs; Sanaa Lathan as Donna Tubbs; Kevin Michael Richardson as Cleveland Jr. and Lester; Reagan Gomez as Roberta Tubbs; Seth MacFarlane as Tim; Jason Sudeikis as Holt and Terry

Guest Voice Cast: Mike Henry as Teenage Cleveland, Teenage Arch, Terrorist #2 and Chewbacca Nerd; Sanaa Lathan as Teenage Donna and Hot Cocoa Bang Bang; John Viener as Man at the Fruit Cart, Terrorist #1, Announcer #2 and Hollywood Slimeball; Kevin Michael Richardson as Smith/Knowles/Monster and Train Conductor; Katee Sackhoff/Eliza Dushku/Emily Deschanel as Hologram; Will Forte as Klingon Nerd and Superhero Nerd; Jamie Kennedy as Manga Nerd and Fan #2; Eliza Jane Schneider as Ewok Nerd; Josh Robert Thompson as David Schwimmer; Jason Sudeikis as Staff Person, Cheech Marin and Guy; Robert Rodriguez as Robert Rodriguez; Fred Tatasciore as Fan #1; Danny Trejo as Danny Trejo; Reagan Gomez as Vampire Slayer


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