SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Preview with Mary Murphy

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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Mary Murphy is a resident judge on Season Eight of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on FOX 50.

By Adam Housley, FOX News

Back after a season off, so you think you can dance Judge Mary Murphy, returns to the review table, lending her expertise to find america's favorite dancer.

Recovering from throat cancer, her signature scream will have to wait, but her keen eye is ready and she's excited about what she's seen so far.  

Murphy says: "They're seeing what does it take to make it into our top 10, so they know. No ones coming into this show as a dummy anymore you know, or oblivious, well i didn't know i was going to have to do that."

After 8 years, dancers have picked up their game...mixing different genres and athletic abilities to impress the seasoned judges and tough critics in the audience.  

Murphy says: "Number one they're more savvy, because like i said in the beginning they didn't know what was going to be expected of them now they're a lot smarter, now were starting to breed warrior dancers and super dancers that they are training,"

And with so many dancers going on to bright futures, the show has become a testament to the untapped talent still waiting to be discovered.  

Murphy says: " They wana come out of this knowing "when i leave sytycd im a marketable dancer". And that is the truth. I see our dancers they are just everywhere, whether you go to broadway, they're on Rihanna, Lady Gaga, I mean they're everywhere, everywhere i go there's just - Oscars! - they're everywhere in movies."

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