How To Get FREE TV

By Karin Fullington

FOX 50 and MeTV 50.2 are offered FREE over the air on 50.1 and 50.2. It’s easy to get free TV! Just follow these “HOW TO” steps (step-by-step video provided above):

1) Antenna: You will need an antennae in order to receive local signals on your television. The antenna can be indoor or outdoor. Visit here to learn more about what type of antenna is right for you.

2) Tuner: If you have an older television, you will need a digital converter box to connect your antenna to the television. If you have a newer TV, it’s likely that your television already has a built-in digital tuner, so you can directly connect the antenna to the TV.

3) Scan: Access the settings on your television, and scan the local channels that your antenna is receiving. Each television is different, so refer to your user manual to scan correctly.

4) Tune to 50.1 and 50.2 to enjoy FOX 50 and MeTV

There are many benefits you will gain with your free over-the-air signal:

    - Money-saver because there are no subscription costs.

    - Includes 24 free channels in the Raleigh/Durham market.

    - The picture will be crystal clear because it’s not compressed through cable or satellite

    - There will always be a signal as long as you have power.

Additional advantages to FREE TV include:

    - Supplementing your cable and satellite with clear local channels.

    - Adding an antenna to an extra television you do not use often.

FREE Reminders:

    - FREE TV saves money!

    - FREE TV looks better!

    - Get 24 local channels for FREE.

    - Antennas vary in cost and size. Learn about different antennaes here.

    - Refer to the user manuals when connecting devices and scanning channels.

    - Antennas are a one-time inexpensive purchase with FREE local channels for life.

If you have questions, visit our FAQ page on FREE TV.

Click here to see all of the FOX 50 shows you can receive for FREE!

Also, see all of the MeTV 50.2 shows you can receive for FREE!

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