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By Karin Fullington


How do I know if my TV has a built-in digital tuner?

Almost all new televisions purchased after March 2007 included a built-in digital tuner. If you’re unsure, refer to your user manual.

I have already have cable / satellite.  So what’s the reason why I would need an HD antenna?

There’s several reasons for you to get an HD antenna.  First, you can avoid the cost of installing another outlet installed for your home.  Also, you can have it as a back-up in case you lose service.

Am I going to have to get someone to install an antenna outside my house?

You shouldn’t need an installer unless you have to have one.  There are many affordable antennas that can be used inside your home without having to install anything.  Visit your local retailer and check out your options.

What kind of channels can I get over the air?

You can get FOX 50 over-the-air on channel 50.1 and Me-TV 50.2 over-the-air on channel 50.2.  Just in our area, you can get over 20 different stations over-the-air for FREE.  News, sports, children’s, reality, movies, music, classics…all in digital quality!

What’s Me-TV 50.2?

Me-TV 50.2, which stands for “Memorable Entertainment Television”, is a FREE, family friendly TV channel consisting of timeless, classic TV hits.

Among the Me-TV 50.2 lineup are classic, Emmy awarding winning shows like I Love Lucy, MASH, Cheers, Mary Tyler Moore, Happy Days, The Honeymooners, Hawaii Five-O, Star Trek, Perry Mason, Batman, Lost in Space, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Rawhide, The Wild, Wild West and many others.

Me-TV 50.2 is also the home for the Durham Bulls TV broadcasts which include over 50 home games. 


1.       Check your TV.

You want to make sure your TV has a digital tuner.  If you’ve bought a TV in the last six years, there is a good chance that your TV has it. If your TV doesn’t, then you’ll need to get a digital converter box which will run about $40. You can order a converter box from most electronic stores and major retailers.

2.       Get an antenna

You’ll be happy to learn that there are many styles and kinds of antennas these days. Outside antennas can be installed on your house, and inside set-top HD antennas can fit on top of your TV.  Even better, the average cost of the set-top antennas start around twenty dollars. Check with your local retailer to find the one best for you.

3.       Hook the antenna up to your TV.

Connect antenna to the TV via cable. Check with your owner’s manual for more details.

4.       Turn on your TV and scan for channels.

Most modern TVs allow you to scan for channels. Consult with your TV’s manual for specific instructions. In no time, you’ll have new digital channels to watch and enjoy.

5.       Watch ME-TV!

It’s just that simple!  If you have any questions, contact us. We’d love to get you setup so you and Me-TV can spend some time together!



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