MeTV 50.2 Spotlight on "EMERGENCY!"

By Terri Overby

This week’s MeTV 50.2 Spotlight is EMERGENCY!

The series, which originally ran for 7 seasons on NBC, featured the crew of the L.A. County Fire Department Station 51, the paramedic team the Rampart Hospital.

Character John Gage was actually based on a real firefighter/paramedic Jim Page who is credited with starting the firefighter/paramedic program for the LAFD.

Station 51 isn’t just a faux set. It’s an actual fire station at Universal Studios in Studio City, CA.
And watch the credits closely for Executive Producer Jack Webb. The same Jack Webb who’s earlier career included playing Sgt. Joe Friday on "Dragnet!"

Watch EMERGENCY! Monday through Saturday at 5:00pm on MeTV 50.2.


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