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Part Two Airs Next Friday, March 8 on FOX 50

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES: Chef Ramsay visits Norwalk, Ohio's "Mill Street Bistro" in an all-new episode of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES airing Friday, March, 1 (8:00-9:00 PM) on FOX 50.


Chef Gordon Ramsay travels to Norwalk, OH, to visit Mill Street Bistro in the first part of a special two-part episode of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES.

Located in the heart of farm country, Chef Ramsay meets Joe, the most pretentious restaurant owner he’s ever met. Joe claims his restaurant is farm-to-table, but the so-called bistro, proves to be anything but. Joe runs his staff like a dictator and has trouble listening to any views aside from his own. From his hostile attitude toward the staff and customers, to the overpriced and tasteless recipes being served, Chef Ramsay realizes that Joe is in denial and resistant to change.

Find out if Ramsay can take on this stubborn owner in the all-new “Mill Street Bistro, Part One” episode of KITCHEN NIGHTMARES airing Friday, March 1 (8:00-9:00 PM) on FOX 50. (KN-506) (TV-14 L)

Cast: Gordon Ramsay

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