Gordon Ramsay names top four chefs in HELL'S KITCHEN

HELL'S KITCHEN: Chef Gordon Ramsay ushers in the series red-hot ninth season of HELL'S KITCHEN premiering Monday, July 18 (8:00-9:00 PM) on FOX 50.

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Last night, Chef Gordon Ramsay turned up the heat on HELL’S KITCHEN by announcing the Top 4 chefs: Will Lustberg from Jersey City, NJ; Paul Niedermann from Davie, FL; Tommy Stevens from Brewster, NY; and Elise Wims from Pittsburgh, PA.

In the two-hour finale event on Monday, Sept. 19 (8:00-10:00 PM) on FOX 50, Chef Ramsay will put the final four through one of the toughest challenges ever on HELL’S KITCHEN.  But the biggest test comes at dinner service, when Chef Ramsay judges the finalists’ leadership skills as each chef demonstrates how they would run a kitchen.  The two chefs who survive this dramatic dinner service will lay it all on the line to prove to Chef Ramsay that they deserve the life-changing grand prize – a head chef position at the legendary BLT Steak in New York City.

The Top 4 finalists reveal their favorite HELL’S KITCHEN moments, challenges, rewards and punishments in the competition:


Name: Will Lustberg

Age: 31

Occupation: Sous Chef

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Signature Dish: Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi

Favorite Challenge So Far: The Ugly Foods Challenge

Favorite Reward: “When the Red Team won and went to Vegas for the night, even though I didn’t get to go, the dorm was quiet for once.”

Least Favorite Punishment: Peeling Grapes

Favorite Moment in HELL’S KITCHEN:  “The VIP charity dinner that we did for the American Humane Association and the American Cancer Society.  One of my fellow chefs and best friends, John Lucente, unfortunately lost his battle with cancer and I have a rescue dog, so this dinner meant so much to me.”

What Chef Ramsay Taught Me: “It's hard to narrow this down to only one thing, but if I have to choose, it would be to never stop fighting.  The second you stop fighting for what you want, is the second you will go down in a ball of flames.”


Name: Paul Niedermann

Age: 26

Occupation: Jr. Sous Chef

Hometown: Davie, FL

Signature Dish: Eggplant Involtini


Favorite Challenge So Far: Salmon Challenge

Favorite Reward: Helicopter Ride with Chef Ramsay

Least Favorite Punishment:
Doing Laundry

Favorite Moment in HELL’S KITCHEN: “My favorite moment was when Chef Ramsay said to me, ‘Welcome back Paul.’ It just was a reassuring moment that I was on my way to greatness.”

What Chef Ramsay Taught Me:  “The biggest thing that Chef Ramsay taught me was, not to be afraid to make mistakes.  He told me, ‘I've made more mistakes than you can even imagine and it’s not what you did, it’s what you do to fix it.’”  


Name: Tommy Stevens

Age: 31

Occupation: Line Cook

Hometown: Brewster, NY

Signature Dish: Toasted Coconut Crab Cake


Favorite Challenge So Far: The Beer Challenge

Favorite Reward: The Sprint Cars

Least Favorite Punishment:
Peeling Grapes

Favorite Moment in HELL’S KITCHEN: “When I cooked my signature dish and my first compliment from Chef Ramsay was, ‘There's finesse on the plate.’”

What Chef Ramsay Taught Me:
“I learned too much from Gordon to actually list here, he’s a great chef and a pleasure to work with.”


Name: Elise Wims

Age: 26

Occupation: Line Cook

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Signature Dish: Pesto Seared Scallops with Sautéed Escarole


Favorite Challenge So Far: The Palate Challenge

Favorite Reward: Vegas!

Least Favorite Punishment: Delivery Day

Favorite Moment in HELL’S KITCHEN: “My favorite moment would have to be the night that I held it down on the meat station.  I was in rare form that night and felt that I finally had the brigade system down.  Chef Ramsay let me know how impressed he was with me and it was a great moment for me as a chef.”

What Chef Ramsay Taught Me: “Chef Ramsay taught me to never give up and to strive for perfection in everything I do.  He taught me discipline and, most importantly, to own up to your mistakes, and learn from them. Chef Ramsay is a great chef, a wonderful person, and he has changed my life forever.”


HELL’S KITCHEN is produced by ITV Studios America in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions. Arthur Smith, Kent Weed and Gordon Ramsay serve as executive producers. Become a fan of HELL’S KITCHEN on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hellskitchen and follow the series on Twitter @hellskitchenonfox.

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