DR. OZ - Post-Op #16 – Soy, Flax and Dairy

By FOX50.com

An audience member asks Dr. Oz if soy and flax interfere with estrogen levels and notes that she has heard a lot of health reports about this, including the idea that soy and flax may contribute to cancer, and that cow’s milk was not made for human consumption.  She asks Dr. Oz what to do about these news stories, and wonders which to believe.

Dr. Oz stresses that there is no right or wrong answer for anyone with regards to these stories, and that we all need to customize what works for us as individuals.

Dr. Oz notes that if someone is not feeling well, they must investigate the reactions to what they are

putting into their gut.  Dairy happens to cause skin issues in some people, but not others.  Dr. Oz states that soy products do have vital estrogens in them, but they are generally healthy forms.  Dr. Oz suggests there is no real danger in ingesting soy, but  if soy is all that someone is ingesting  in excess (a highly unlikely scenario), that could present a potential problem.

Dr. Oz reiterates that the big story for nutrients in general is if you are ingesting more of what your

ancestors could have ever gotten in their life, then there is a problem. And in the instance where foods

are synthetically modified to contain more nutrients  than naturally found within, one should be thoughtful about eating them.   


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