DR. OZ - Post-Op #15 - Gynecologic Issues & Weight Loss

By FOX50.com

An audience member informs Dr. Oz that she has lost a lot of weight recently (over 150 pounds!).  She

informs Dr. Oz that when she gets up after sitting down, there is air trapped in certain places below her – which sometimes makes noise. The audience member has considered asking her gynecologist about the noise, and she also wants to know if it’s normal.

Dr. Oz confirms that the noise is normal for a woman in her situation, and explains that when the vaginal vault loosens after a large weight loss, air is more easily let into that area.  Dr. Oz assures her that it is not a big deal, and he asks her if she has issues with urinary incontinence as well, since those issues usually fall hand-in-hand.

Dr. Oz congratulates the audience member  for losing so much weight, and asks her the secrets of how she did it.  She informs Dr. Oz that she followed his strict guidelines for losing weight, went on the Mediterranean diet, gave up beer, and stopped eating after 5pm.




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