DR. OZ - Post-Op #14 – Psoriasis

By FOX50.com

An audience member  tells Dr. Oz that her psoriasis (an autoimmune disease that appears on the  skin) has progressed from appearing as small patches on her body, to showing up almost everywhere.  She asks Dr. Oz how to get rid of and/or stop her psoriasis from progressing.

Dr. Oz examines her skin and notes that a lot of people with psoriasis often have food allergies that stimulate an irritation of the immune system.  Dr. Oz says that she needs to be careful with dairy and gluten, perhaps try without one or the other  for a couple weeks to see if the condition improves or gets worse.  Dr. Oz also notes that psoriasis can be seasonally affected, often in the dry wintertime, and that it is also important to keep one’s skin moisturized.

Dr. Oz further emphasizes that psoriasis is often a clue that something within your body is not right, so checking one’s diet and discovering the root issue is most important, as opposed to covering-up the symptoms as they appear.   



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