DR. OZ - Post-Op #12 – Bone and Tissue Healing

By FOX50.com

An audience member informs Dr. Oz she broke her leg, and that a titanium rod and screws were  placed inside to contain the hairline fracture.  The audience member asks Dr. Oz if this area in her leg will give her arthritis or complications later in life.  

Dr. Oz notes that the only tissue in the body that heals itself perfectly is bone.  Dr. Oz notes that even the brain, heart, and skin will not heal perfectly when injured.

Dr. Oz continues on to say that complications can start when muscles begin to atrophy post-surgery if no exercise is implemented by the patient.  Once atrophy sets-in, the muscle fades back in size. Bone then begins to hit bone since there is less muscle to hold the joint apart. The lack of exercise, which often leads to weight gain can also increase  the bone-on-bone pressure, which will result in pain and  further complications.

Dr. Oz then demonstrates how the audience member can practice exercising her problematic leg.  

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