DR. OZ - Post-Op #11 – Canker Sores

By FOX50.com

Audience member Karen has suffered  from canker sores for twelve years.  Karen tells Dr. Oz that she
has seen a rheumatologist (who deal mainly with clinical problems involving  joints, soft tissues,
autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, and heritable connective tissue disorders), oral pathologists  (dental professionals who specializes in the diagnosis of serious dental and facial cavity diseases), and has even provided biopsies for diagnosis.

Dr. Oz notes that toothpaste will often have a foaming agent called sodium lauryl sulfate which is
sometimes an irritant to the gums or mucosa in the mouth.  Dr. Oz states that  the body responds to  this trauma by creating a canker sore.  

Dr. Oz stresses that the internal canker sores like Karen’s are much different than the external sores that might appear on the outer lip area, which are most  likely  herpes simplex 1.  Dr. Oz recommends  the amino acid Lysine for the outer H1 cold sores, and for the internal sores, Dr. Oz recommends B vitamins and staying away from added sugars.

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