BIO: H. Jon Benjamin

By Jason Matthews

(Voice of Bob on BOB’S BURGERS)

Over the course of his career, H. Jon Benjamin has garnered an extensive list of credits as a writer, producer and actor in some of television’s most entertaining series.

Most recently, Benjamin provided the voice of “Sterling Archer” in the animated cable series “Archer,” for which he was honored with an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance. He is perhaps best known, however, for providing the voice of “Ben” in the popular animated series “Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.”

In 2006, he co-created the animated series “Freak Show” and provided the voice of “Tuck.” Benjamin also served as a writer and co-producer of “Important Things with Demetri Martin,” a sketch comedy show in which he appeared as numerous characters. His additional credits include “Home Movies,” FAMILY GUY, “Assy McGee,” “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and “The Venture Bros.”

Born in Worcester, MA, Benjamin currently resides in New York.

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