Today on ANDERSON: "State of Shame: The Penn State Scandal"


Anderson will speak with former members of the Penn State community who say they considered Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky family.  Plus, Anderson will also hear from the 120 Penn State students who will be a part of this special audience.

Among Anderson's guests:

Troy Craig, will tell Anderson about his uncomfortable experience attending Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile summer camp for boys from age 11 to 14.

Kayla Balamuta, a Penn State graduate and supporter of Joe Paterno, will tell Anderson why she started the, "Don't Go Joe" movement on Facebook.

Ross Muir, a former Penn State football player went to Joe Paterno's house after Saturday's game.  He will give Anderson an insider's look into how Paterno is doing.

Larry Kubin, a former Penn State and Washington Redskins football player who mentored kids from Sandusky's charity, will tell Anderson about the shock he felt when the scandal hit.

Patty Coble, a proud Penn State mom, and former volunteer at Sandusky's Second Mile Charity, will talk to Anderson about whether she saw any red flags during her 10-year tenure at Second Mile.

Jessica Sever
, a Penn State senior, will talk to Anderson about why she helped organize the Friday night candlelight vigil for the victims.

Tammy Lerner, who grew up in the Penn State culture, will talk to Anderson about the concerns she has for her sophomore son, who is trying out for the Penn State football team as a walk-on next season.

John Matako, a formerly proud Penn State grad, will tell Anderson why he was protesting outside of the Penn State game on Saturday.

Veteran sports journalist Bonnie Bernstein, who has been reporting on this case, will also join Anderson to give her unique view and analysis.


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