Today on ANDERSON: "Children & Teens Caught In The Wrong Bodies"


In, "Children & Teens Caught In The Wrong Bodies," Anderson talks to children, like Danann, who believe they are trapped in the wrong bodies.  And from parents, like Bill and Sarah, Danaan's mom and dad about their own emotional journey to acceptance.

Anderson speaks with experts to get a better understanding of the medical and psychological aspects of transgender people and how these families are faced with new scientific options that would allow their kids to transition into the opposite gender.

Plus, Domaine Javier, a transgender woman, who was recently expelled from college for applying as a female, and Kyle Allums, the first transgender Division 1 basketball player speak-out about their own personal experiences.

ANDERSON: At what age did you decide, alright we are going to go to a new school and she's going to go as what she feels?

BILL: We took her out of school because she was starting to get teased and there was no support from her teachers. In fact, they would say things like, 'She has to stop bringing princess backpacks to school, lunch boxes. It's confusing the kids, and it's causing a distraction.' So we took her out eventually because the other kids were teasing her and calling her names. So we just pulled her.

SARAH: But that was after going to many different doctor doctors, therapists, and I don't want to say we got the diagnosis, but were enlightened that our child was indeed transgendered. We referred to a therapist who specializes in that and.

ANDERSON: Was it a relief to hear that?

BILL: At first they called it a gender identity disorder. So that didn't sit well that it's a disorder.

SARAH: But I was so relieved that okay, that's what it is. She was not bipolar. She was diagnosed as bipolar, dyslexic, ADHD. She had been put on all different medicines. So it was oh, okay we know what this is now. We now know what this is.

ANDERSON: So then it became how do we help her be the best she can be?

SARAH: Yeah, pretty much.

BILL: What do we do now?

SARAH: So the therapists we were working with gave us a lot of materials and DVDs on transgendered people. After seeing them it was like oh, my God, this is what our child is.

ANDERSON: It all fit?

SARAH: It totally fit. Our therapist said, 'I really think she should transition now. She should start living her life as a girl.' And after seeing the things we did on different transgendered people, we said okay, yeah, absolutely. And the change, once we made the transition, it was like night and day.  She was a totally different child.

ANDERSON: It was the way she was meant to be you feel?

SARAH: Yeah, she's so happy now.

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