Watch Scotty's ENTIRE Interview at MIX 101.5!

AMERICAN IDOL contestant Scotty McCreery gets interviewed by Bill and Lynda in the morning at MIX 101.5 on Saturday, May 14.


If you were distracted Thursday night, you might not have seen AMERICAN IDOL contestant Scotty McCreery getting interviewed at MIX 101.5.  (Granted, it was on for like a whopping three seconds.)  But now you can see what you didn't see.  

Watch his ENTIRE visit to MIX 101.5!  From the time he entered the studio to the time he left, we got you covered.

Can he take home the title?  Find out on as he performs this Tuesday at 8 PM---NOT Wednesday---and don't miss the big Season Finale this Wednesday starting at 8 PM!

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