IDOL down to final 6 as another contender gets the boot

AMERICAN IDOL: Stefano Langone is eliminated

AMERICAN IDOL: Stefano Langone is eliminated on the Thursday, April 21 episode of AMERICAN IDOL.


LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The dream is over for another one of the men on “American Idol.”

Self-professed “ladies man” Stefano Langone was eliminated on Thursday’s “Idol,” after receiving the lowest number of votes.

Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart were in the bottom three, but were saved to sing again.

“It started my career man, and that’s something, you can’t put a price on that, that’s everything,” Stefano said of his experience on the reality show before performing one last time. “I’m just so blessed I came this far.”

The news hit James Durbin particularly hard.

The metal rocker, who performed Muse’s “Uprising” the night before, immediately put his head down when he heard the news, and appeared teary as Stefano performed his final number.

As Stefano finished the song, his pal James ran up to him, lifted him up, and spun him around with a big, backwards hug.

As for James, who was saved early on in the evening, the rocker revealed he had heard from Matt Bellamy, the frontman of Muse, over his “Uprising” cover on Wednesday’s show.

“Matt Bellamy from Muse said, ‘Wow! Great job’ and man, he was just really impressed. He loved my vision for it and I’m absolutely stoked,” James said.

Beyond Stefano’s elimination and James’ good news, judge Steven Tyler addressed his cursing incident from the night before where he was caught using an expletive multiple times.

When Ryan brought up the incident, Steven explained he was keeping things authentic.

“I’m gonna give Tre, the editor, something back there to worry about because after all what the…” he trailed off as if he meant to utter another television-unfriendly word.

“It’s a family show,” Randy Jackson chimed in.

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