FOX VIP: So long Jacob!

FOX 50 VIP Renee loves American Idol!

By FOX 50 VIP Renee

It finally happened and I don't think anyone was surprised. We lost Jacob last night on Idol. :(


I don't know if you remember when Jennifer Hudson got kicked off of Idol, but Ryan had the '3 Divas' (Jennifer, Fantasia, and LaToya London) on one side and Diana DeGarmo, Jasmine Trias and John Stevens on the other side. Ryan asked George Huff to go to the side which he thought was safe. George didn't want to decide so he sat down in the middle.


The same happened last night. James and Haley were on one side then Jacob and Lauren are on the other side. Ryan told Scotty that he was safe and to pick which side he thought was safe. Scotty refused but Ryan pushed him towards James and Haley and told the group that they safe. Poor Lauren was falling a part and Jacob was comforting her.


Then Ryan announced that Jacob was going home. Lauren started crying. Poor thing but Jacob was fine. He took the mike and sang 'A House is not a Home'. He brought down the house. Now why didn't he sing something like that on Wednesday night? Well, I have a theory.


I really think Jimmy is planning for the final three to be Scotty, Lauren and James. Then the final two to be James and Scotty. I see it happening. Some of the song suggestions that Jimmy has been making concern me. Like Jacob doing a duet song by himself, Haley singing an unreleased song, and Stefano singing 'End of the Road'. He's never told Scotty not to sing country or James not to do rock. He might not have liked their songs, but he let them do their genre. Watch it happen.


Next week, I bet Haley is gone and the finally three is Lauren, James and Scotty.

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