FOX VIP: Renee's recap of the IDOL Top 5

FOX 50 VIP Renee loves American Idol!

By FOX 50 VIP Renee

Last night the American Idol contestants sang songs that are current and from the past. I'm not sure how they decided what was current 'cause several of the songs were really old to me.

Everyone's first song was a 'current' song. James took the stage and sang 'Closer to the Edge' by 30 Seconds to Mars. Naturally, he had to find a place in the song where he could scream but he truly acted like he was in concert. He's the only one you really can see on stage.

Jacob was next up and I have to say I was disappointed with his song choice and with Jimmy & guest mentor, Sheryl Crow telling him to sing 'No Air' by Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown. Why would they encourage him to sing a duet song by himself? What? If Jacob wants to make it to the final 2, he needs to take us back to church and bring it!

'Flat on the Floor' by Carrie Underwood was Lauren's song. It was youthful and fun. She did a really good job and she should be able to stay in the competition with singing songs that show off her playful side.

Scotty followed Lauren. He sang 'Gone' by Montgomery Gentry and had a great time on stage. You could tell that he really loved that song and the audience loved it too!

Haley was last up and she sang an unreleased song by Lady Gaga called 'You and I'. Jimmy said that Lady Gaga sings this song at her concerts. I like some of Lady Gaga's songs but I've never been to one of her concerts so I didn't know this song and neither did the audience. It was okay but not a great choice and Jennifer told Haley that.

Then round 2. The songs from the past! This was time to show off and everyone did. James sang "Without You" by Badfinger. He did a nice job. I just don't like Randy saying that the competition was his to lose. What? Jacob sang 'Love Hurts' by The Everly Brothers/Roy Orbison. Oh, it was so much better than the first song. Those are types of songs that he should be singing. If Jacob stays, I want to help him pick songs!

Lauren took on The Righteous Brothers' 'Unchained Melody.' She did a very nice job on that song. 'Always On My Mind' by Willie Nelson/Elvis was Scotty's choice. His performance basically sealed his spot in the finals. He did his thing on that song! OMG! Wow. Haley finished up the night with "House Of The Rising Sun" by The Animals. She redeemed herself with this song. The judges loved her performance and I think it might be her best one so far.

Based on who's left I think Lauren will join Jacob in the bottom three but she'll go back to couch fast. I'm not sure if the third person at the bottom will be Haley or James. I say James because he's the only one who hasn't been there and heck, everyone needs to know that feeling. The one going home is going to be Jacob. I'll be hurt but I think his run is over.

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