FOX VIP: Idol Recap "Top 6"


AMERICAN IDOL: The Final 6: L-R: Haley Reinhart, Scotty McCreery, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina, Casey Abrams and Jacob Lusk.

By FOX VIP - Renee

Last night on American Idol was just okay. There was no stand out performance to make me say, "Oooooo I want to see that again!" "Did you hear that?" "That was amazing". Nope, just okay performances.

Some of the okay performances were better than others. Scotty sang 'You Got A Friend'. He sang it nice and slow, which gave it a sexy appeal about it. Naturally he gave it his signature country twist to it and it works. I hope Scotty realizes that singing non-country songs work better for him than singing actual country songs. Scotty was tied with James as the best of the night. I know you are shocked that I said that. I'm shocked too. James sang 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow'. He too took it nice and slow. He only screamed two times in the song and I think they were actual notes! YEAH! That was one of James best performances so far.

The middle of the pack were Lauren and Jacob. Lauren sang 'Where You Lead'. I didn't love her song choice but her performance of the song was really good. I believed that she was having a good time on stage and was proud of what she did. Same thing with Jacob. He sang 'Oh Not My Baby' and it wasn't the best song for him, but he too had a strong performance. He had fun on stage and everyone saw it.

Out of all of the okay performances, Haley and Casey are at the bottom. Haley sang 'Beautiful'. It wasn't beautiful to me. It was a performance that if I missed, I wouldn't have been upset. She's done a lot better. My man Casey sang 'Hi De Ho That Old Sweet Roll'. It was very entertaining. The most original performance of the night but it didn't have that killer Casey kick to it that it needed. I don't know what was missing but it was something.

One that wasn't missing was the dragging out of the show. American Idol should have only been an hour, but it was 90 minutes. Really? How did they fill up time? They had duets scattered through out the show. Casey and Haley sang 'I Feel The Earth Move' which helped to fuel the rumors about them dating. Scotty and Lauren sang 'Up On The Roof' and Ryan was trying to start rumors about them. So that leaves Jacob and James. Talking about a strange duet! Wow. They sang 'I'm Into Something Good' to Jennifer Lopez. Very interesting. Yeah, we don't need to see that again. Ever!

My bottom three this week are Haley, Casey and Jacob ?. I think this might be Haley's week to go. But you never know on Idol.

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