FOX VIP: Idol Recap "Top 4"

FOX 50 VIP Renee loves American Idol!

By FOX VIP - Renee

The final four took the stage and rocked it.or did they? I must say, overall it was a decent night but the next morning, I really didn't remember any of the performances.


They did two songs again. One song was a song that inspires them and one classic song by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. What made the night interesting was instead of having Mike Stoller mentor the contestants, Lady Gaga was the mentor. She's very creative and had some good advice but I don't know how the contestants could concentrate looking at the fake black dot on her face. That just bothered me every time I looked at her.


Anyway, James was up 1st and sung Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'' because he never stopped believing in his dreams. Awww.well, to be honest, I've heard that song performed a lot better. The judges loved it. I didn't and it's not because I'm not a James fan, it was because he was flat throughout the song. To make matters worse, he started screaming Ugh! James went last in the 2nd round. I guess they thought save the best for last. NOT! He sung 'Love Potion no. 9' and he destroyed it! I think he tried to rock it out but it didn't work. His performance was great. He really acted like he was in concert but the singing was just off! Naturally, he had to scream and DRAG out the end! Why?!


Haley performed 'The Earth Song' by Michael Jackson. She felt that the song was beautiful and she loved the meaning. Such the wrong song for her! Luckily she had a second chance. Just like last week, she brought it back with her second song. She performed 'I who have nothing' and killed it. That song was amazing! If she sang like that all of the time, she could be a contender but she doesn't seem to get that. Her vocals were great but the music was off. Actually it was too much music. That is a simple song that doesn't need a lot of music but I have to give her mad props for the vocals.


Garner's own Scotty took the stage 3rd and performed Alan Jackson's song 'Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning' about September 11th. It was just nice. Simple and nice! You couldn't help but really like the performance. His second song was 'Young Blood'. That performance was okay, but he had great time with it so you couldn't help but to have a great time.


Last up was Lauren. She sang 'Anyway' by Martina McBride in honor of the tornado victims. She did a really nice job on the song. No real complains. For someone so young, she has an amazing voice that is very strong and rich. The problem with Lauren is that if she doesn't connect with a song, she can't take you there. For example her second song, 'Trouble' by Elvis. Great song, but because she didn't really get it, it didn't work. She should have sung the song sexy. I don't know if it's because of her age or if she's not that type of person.


Overall, the night was okay only amazing performance was Haley's and that scares me because she should go home. Haley seems to slip through the cracks so who knows.

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