FOX VIP: Idol Recap "Top 11"

FOX 50 VIP Renee loves American Idol!

By FOX VIP Renee

I love Motown Night on Idol. It is the night that separates the real singers from the play-play ones!

Casey started the night off with 'Heard It Through The Grapevine'. I wasn't in love with the performance although the judges raved about it. I think Casey could have picked another song, but it was okay. As tired as I am of James and his screaming which I still don't think are notes, I have to admit that he did an okay job on 'Living For The City'. He didn't scream as much so he'll be back next week.

That Haley, I'm not sure what to say. This was her best performance so far, but really, I'm ready for her to go home. She sang 'You Really Got A Hold On Me.'. Yawn, she tried to make up for loss ground, but I think the ride is over. Or at least I hope it is! 'Tracks of My Tears' brought tears to my eyes because I'm so ready for Paul to go. Bottom 3, I hope? His guitar didn't save him from a boring performance. Yawn!!

I really need Stefano & Naima to switch it up. I love that Stefano can sing a ballad and he did a nice job on 'Hello' and Naima did okay on 'Dancing the Street' but I'm ready for them to switch. She needs to sing a ballad and he needs to sing something up beat. Same thing every week! Since they aren't the strongest contestants, they need to find something that really proves they should be there. Come on people!! But I will say this, Naima's singing & dance act was much better!! Love the African drummers!

I'm so proud of my little Thia! She brought some heat to 'Heat Wave'. Well, maybe not heat but some warmth. I'm so glad she did something different and proved that she was more than just a ballad singer. YEAH! Lauren also brought some heat to 'You Keep Me Hanging On'. She's come so far from the first two weeks where I was scared she was going home before her time.

Jacob was in his zone. R&B and Gospel are what he was born to sing. Great job, actually I think it's his best performance so far! She might have sung 'All Is Fair In Love' but it's not fair on the Idol stage! Pia is on the road to either win or be in the final 3! OMG, it's not right for her to be able to sing circles around the rest of the contestants! And Scotty put a nice twist on 'For Once In My Life'. I knew he could do R&B. Yeah!!

This week I'm not sure who is going to join Haley in the bottom 3 but I won't be shocked if it's Naima, who should stay and Paul, who I'm ready to go. Who do you think is going home tonight?

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