FOX 50 VIP recap on the IDOL finale

FOX 50 VIP Renee loves American Idol!

By FOX 50 VIP Renee

After weeks of competition, it all came down to last night. The finals of American Idol! WOW!! The big question of the night..Will Lauren be able to sing? She lost her voice earlier in the day and everyone wondered if Haley would have to comeback and compete. Luckily no. Lauren got enough medicine to perform. Yeah!

Scotty and Lauren both sang three songs; their favorite song of the season, their idol picks the song and their first single. Scotty was up first and sang 'Gone'. He did his thang on that song! He did a good job the first time but this time, everyone was on their feet! Lauren performed 'Flat on the Floor'. She too rocked the song. Almost made you wonder about the whole vocal cord issues.

Round 1: Almost even but slight advantage to Scotty. Even Randy said that he felt like he was at a Scotty concert. Cool.

Next song was chosen by the contestant's musical idol. Scotty's song was chosen by George Strait. He sang 'Check Yes or No' while playing the guitar. I had never heard that song before, but I really like it. Nice and smooth!! Lauren's idol is Carrie Underwood and she performed 'Maybe it was Memphis'. She did a nice job, but a couple times some of the notes were off. I heard the strained voice. It was nice but not great.

Round 2: Scotty!!!

The last song would be their first single if they win. Scotty's song was called 'I Love You This Big'. In the words of Jimmy Iovine, 'it's a big song, but you have a big voice so you've got to do it big' and that's what Scotty did! I'm excited about buying that song!! Lauren performed 'Like My Mother Does'. It was a nice emotional song. She even walked into the audience and sang to her mom. Aww, how cute! It's nice but again, we missed some notes. I should have gotten teary hearing the song but I wasn't moved like that unfortunately.

Round 3: Scotty!!!

The way everything played out, Scotty should win but you never know. Randy gave it to Scotty. Jennifer was torn and Steven gave every round to Lauren. Tonight we have to see what America had to say. I just know one thing; I got tired of voting after 11:15!

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