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Season 11 of AMERICAN IDOL got off to a hot start as they travelled to Savannah, GA for auditions. 

And who was the very first contestant?  How about David Leathers, Jr from Fayetteville!  This 17-year-old (a.k.a. "Mr. Steal Your Girl") wowed the judges with his renditions of "Remember the Rain" by the 21st Century and "Never Can Say Goodbye" by the Jackson 5.  It didn't take them very long to all say yes and pass him into the next round.

But he's not the only one in our area to get that coveted golden ticket.  Give it up for Ashlee Altise, a 28-year-old sales associate from Kinston.  She first showed off her signature dance move: the joy hop.  And then she busted out "Come Together" by the Beatles.  She impressed the judges---with both her moves and her singing---enough to make it to Hollywood.

And when you add Brittany Kerr, a 24 year-old NBA Dancer from Charlotte, that's at least three out of 42 singers going to Hollywood hailing from North Carolina.

Will we have more local singers in the competition?  The only way to know is to WATCH!

Speaking of watching: watch highlights from the Savannah auditions! 
(And check out the guy who does the Ryan Seacrest impersonation.  Freaky!)

And oh yeah, check out even MORE amazing talent as the AMERICAN IDOL auditions continue!

Tonight at 8 on FOX 50!

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