Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Arrested in Afghanistan

By Fox News Network

KABUL, Afghanistan -- NATO and Afghan forces have arrested a former inmate at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, a tribal elder said Saturday.

Said Amir Jan was arrested during the same raid in which another former Guantanamo detainee was killed a week ago in the eastern city of Jalalabad. But word of his arrest only emerged Saturday.

Jan, 30, was suspected of being a "low-level member of Al Qaeda" before he was sent to Guantanamo in 2003, according to his military file, made public by WikiLeaks.

He was assessed as medium risk in 2005 by military officials and sent back to Afghanistan in 2007.

The man killed in the raid was Sabar Lal Melma. Soldiers shot him after he confronted them with an AK-47.

NATO and Afghan officials have not commented on the identities of anyone arrested in the Sept. 2 raid.

But tribal elder Rohullah Wakil, a friend of the slain man and himself a former Guantanamo detainee, said Saturday that Jan and two other people -- Melma's cousin and a man named Dairan -- were arrested.

NATO raided Melma's house because he was suspected of organizing attacks in eastern Kunar province and funding insurgent operations after he was released from Guantanamo in 2007.
NATO officials described Melma as a key Al Qaeda ally.

Meanwhile, NATO said one of its service members was killed Friday in an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan -- the fifth to be killed that day in attacks around the country.

A bombing on Saturday near a NATO base in the Sayed Abad district of eastern Wardak province killed one civilian and wounded another two, said district chief Mehram Ali Fahimi.

He added that it was unclear if the bomb, apparently hidden in a small truck, was targeting the base. NATO said it was aware of the blast but had no further details.

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