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32 arrested on child pornography charges after statewide sweep

Suspects on the list released Tuesday range in age from 17 to 62 years. Read More »

Mega mystery solved: Winning Maryland lottery ticket claimed

Three Maryland public school system employees won the record Mega Millions $656 jackpot, lottery officials announced Tuesday. Read More »

FBI releases booking photos in rare move to be able to identify more victims in child pornography case

In a rare move, the FBI has released booking photos of a New Jersey man accused of installing hidden cameras to videotape young girls as they showered in an effort to be able to identify more victims. Read More »

Maryland ticket holder claims share of $656M Mega Millions lottery jackpot

The winning ticket from Maryland in last week's massive Mega Millions lottery drawing has been claimed, the state lottery officials said Monday in announcing a news conference for 8 a.m. ET Tuesday. Read More »

Romney looks for winning combo in narrowing VP field

As Mitt Romney widens his lead on the field of GOP presidential field, the front-runner is searching from a narrowing list of potential vice presidential candidates who can perhaps deliver on the intangibles that voters say his candidacy still needs. Read More »

8 things you need to know about Passover 2012

Passover is the holiday which celebrates the Exodus from Egypt and the next stage in the unfolding biblical story of the Children of Israel. In 2012 it begins on Friday night, April 6. Here are eight things you may want to know about it.  Read More »

Why Marco Rubio has a tight grip on the GOP's future

Win or lose this time around, Marco Rubio has a tight grip on the GOP's future because he is the great Latino hope for a party that desperately needs the Latino vote to avoid sinking into oblivion. Read More »

Police officer fatally shot in Texas

A police officer was fatally shot early Friday at a Texas Walmart.  Read More »

Obama thinks Augusta golf club should admit women as members

President Obama thinks women should be admitted as members to the all-male Augusta National golf club, the White House said Thursday.  Read More »

Teen murdered ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend and mom before killing himself, police say

A Detroit teenager murdered his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend and her mother before killing himself, myFOXdetroit reports. Read More »

Obama's war on the courts is a dangerous game

The blow-up between President Obama and the courts is laden with irony. From Team Obama the message seems to be that Roe v. Wade is engraved in tablets, but Marbury v. Madison and judicial review are just so much paper. Read More »

When it comes to the Constitution, the Obama administration can't lay a glove on the Supreme Court

Earlier this week, President Obama took a cheap shot at the Supreme Court. He can criticize to his heart’s content; but he cannot lay a glove on the Supreme Court. Read More »

WWII heroes who served in elite unit reportedly die on same day

Two World War II veterans heralded for their service in an elite commando unit reportedly died just 12 hours apart from each other on Sunday. Read More »

Authorities find body of missing 2-year-old in Texas pond

Texas authorities found the body of a missing 2-year-old boy floating in a pond Saturday morning, myFOXhouston reports. Read More »

Splits in 'Friends of Syria' group may help embattled leader Assad

Questions about the Syrian friendship group's effectiveness are growing amid reports of splits with Washington over what approach to take. Read More »

Bigfoot sleuth stomped for leading tour on federal lands without permit

A explorer went searching for Bigfoot in Arkansas without a permit and discovered a big fine instead. Read More »

Family demands to know if weapons used to kill ICE agent could have been seized before they crossed into Mexico

The family of a murdered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent is demanding to know if U.S. agencies could have seized the weapons used to kill him before they crossed the border into Mexico. Read More »

Justices struggle over whether ObamaCare should stand if mandate struck down

On the final day of arguments over President Obama's health care law, Supreme Court justices struggled Wednesday over what to do with the rest of the Affordable Care Act if they also rule that its central provision is invalid.  Read More »

Iran announces new drone: New technology, new threat?

Iran has developed a drone aircraft capable of carrying out high-tech military and border patrol missions, according to a report by the Islamic Republic’s state-run Fars News Agency. Read More »

New bands have new way to reach new fans on new MySpace show

Move over “American Idol” and “The Voice,” there’s a new show music starting with the intention of giving independent bands their big break. Read More »

Prosecutors: Democratic campaign treasurer embezzled at least $7 million from multiple clients

A longtime California Democratic campaign treasurer embezzled at least $7 million from as many as 50 politicians, local officials and other political entities in a scheme that continued for more than 10 years, according to a new court filing by federal prosecutors. Read More »

Swing justice poses tough questions on ObamaCare at Supreme Court hearing

The man often known as the Supreme Court's swing justice posed tough questions about the scope of the controversial health care overhaul Tuesday, suggesting he might have doubts about its validity.  Read More »

Supreme Court signals health care case won't be held up over technicality

Supreme Court justices signaled Monday that the landmark case over the federal health care law will probably not be held up over a technicality.  Read More »

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