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OK, so I may be dating myself, but Jennifer Beals was the fashion icon of my generation! The leg warmers, the ripped sweatshirts, the baggy pants, the big hair – oh my! Who didn’t want to be her in “Flashdance?”

Did I mention she’s also super brainy – Yale grad!

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Now, 46, Jennifer is middle aged, yet still looks like a style-setter, minus the leg warmers. Jennifer, who is More magazine’s December/January cover girl, admits, “Yeah, everything’s moving downward.” But she’s not into anti-aging remedies, adding, “That’s not what I wish for.”

Beals has a new gig as a hard-nosed cop in the upcoming FOX drama, “Ride-Along.” It’s a role that gives her a chance to get physical, she reveals to More. The actress, who has competed in triathlons, now gets to “brandish a gun and subdue suspects.” “I got to really clock someone the other day. I get to express rage, which women are often reluctant to do,” adds Beals.

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Yet, living out her tough-girl fantasy is a far cry from the inner Beals. She describes herself as “spiritual.” She takes great pride in her lifelong journey to discover the meaning of life. Her friends describe her in the magazine article as “a woman who meditates, gives crystals as gifts and is interested in alternative medicine. “She knows everything about Tibetan herbs,” adds her good friend, actress Jodie Foster. As Jennifer sums it up, “The impulse to want to know God is, is still there,” she continues, “Whether it’s that moment in acting when everything is suspended and you’re not yourself, or breaking through the veil of a very long run or swim, or hearing my daughter laugh – they are all pathways to what I think God must be.”

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