WATCH: Dr. Oz previews major chapter in his TRANSFORMATION NATION


Does losing weight in your sleep seem too good to be true?

Groundbreaking research shows that sleep deprivation may be the secret reason that you can't lose weight, which is why Dr. Oz has made it the fourth step in his Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You health challenge. 

The nation’s sleep doctor, Dr. Michael Breus, joins Dr. Oz to explain how decreased sleep affects your body and increases your appetite.

Watch it all on THE DR. OZ SHOW, Monday at 3 PM on FOX 50!

From Dr. Oz:

"Hi everybody, I have an important show coming up Monday, and it’s one of the major chapters in transformation nation.
If you are a person that sleeps, it affects you! Sleep has a huge effect on your blood pressure, weight loss, mental clarity, among other areas.
Monday we will go through tips that you can start doing that night and show you how to reach a sound sleep plan.
You can even study up this Sunday in Parade Magazine, where I dive into detail about all things sleep…read up, and see you Monday!"

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