Behind the Scenes of 'SLEEPY HOLLOW'

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Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane

By Phillipe Charles

Act normal. Professional. No obnoxious selfies.

This is what I kept telling myself on the way to Wilmington Tuesday. Morning anchor Lynda Loveland, photojournalist Tom Normanly and I were assigned to the set of one of my favorite shows, SLEEPY HOLLOW. My job was to take some behind-the-scenes pics, post to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and stay out of the way. 

Our first location was just outside a boardwalk restaurant where Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane) and Nicole Beharie (Lt. Abbie Mills) were shooting one of those humorous "Ichabod meets modern invention” moments that the show does so well. A lot goes into bringing even a seemingly simple scene like that to life. The area was crowded with crew, production equipment, wardrobe/make-up artists, extras, and of course news crews like us. 

At one point, Mison walked by and acknowledged me with a slight smile and lift of his eyebrow. At that moment, I totally understood why he has no shortage of female fans. I'm just saying, the dude’s got charm. I briefly considered trying to execute the Ichabod eyebrow raise on Nicole Beharie, and laughed at the thought of it. Lynda interviewed her for a brief moment, asking about Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship. Nicole explained that Abbie didn't really have time for a relationship given the threat of an apocalypse, but admitted that she probably needed love. I wanted to volunteer. I thought better of it.
Our next stop was Screen Gems Studios. It's amazing to see in-person where memorable scenes, like the interrogation of the Headless Horseman, were shot. We spoke with various cast members including FOX veteran John Noble (Henry Parrish/Jeremy Crane) and a new cast member Matt Barr, who plays a rugged bounty hunter/ relic-seeker named Nick Hawley.
They were all professional, insightful about their characters, and excited for the upcoming season. But more importantly for a fan like me: They were real, regular people. Friendly. Inviting. Even bubbly at times.

Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) gushed about her new puppy. Neil Jackson (Abraham Von Brunt) told us about fight scene injuries he’s experienced in his career. Katia Winter (Katrina Crane) revealed that the house she lives in with Greenwood is haunted. And no, I don't mean in the show. I mean in REAL LIFE!
Perhaps the best part of the day was witnessing Jackson, Greenwood and Noble accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by the cast of GOTHAM. So much fun to watch! 
I, for one, can’t wait for Season Two (premiering September 22). There’s going to be brand new demons to fight, new plot twists, new romances, and perhaps even some redemption for characters we’ve branded as evil. I’m so in! Even more so now because of my experiences on the set! I even had to amend my self-imposed rule:
Act normal. Professional. ONE obnoxious selfie.





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