A Salute to Tough Dads

The unconventional (sometimes crazy) parenting of a no-nonsense father

SURVIVING JACK: Jack (Christopher Meloni, R) has a man-to-man conversation with his son, Frankie (Connor Buckley, L), in the SURVIVING JACK Series Premiere episode airing Thursday, March 27 (9:30 -10:00 PM) on FOX 50.

By Phillipe Charles

SURVIVING JACK is a new comedy on FOX 50 about the hilarious interactions between an awkward teenager and his blunt, no-nonsense father. Upon watching the pilot, I quickly realized...OMG,THIS IS MY LIFE!

The show takes place in the 90’s when, coincidentally, my own awkward teen moments began. I WAS that clumsy kid, seeking his identity and pushing his parents' boundaries. And my father? Well, I think Newton’s First Law of Motion describes it best: An object in motion stays in motion unless it meets an external force. My dad was that external force.

Pictured: FOX 50 Phillipe Charles (R) and his father circa 1998

He never made me do push-ups while spraying me with a garden hose, like JACK DUNLEVY (played by Christopher Meloni) does his son. But he did once have me run full-field sprints (after playing two soccer games) because he thought it would toughen me up.

As an ex-soccer star himself, he insisted my shorts be worn short and high on the waist, as to not impede my mobility on the field. The social ramifications of exposing my lanky chicken legs to a high school audience were clearly of no concern to him. “That’s how a MAN wears his shorts,” he'd say.

But there's an important part to Newton’s First Law of Motion that I left out earlier. It also states that an object at REST will stay at rest unless PUSHED by an external force. My father pushed me to never settle. To always do my absolute best. So for me, he is also THAT external force.

So if you appreciate tough loving fathers (and their unconventional methods) like I do, watch the Season Premiere of SURVIVING JACK, Thursday at 9:30pm on FOX 50. (And if you want more awesome science info like Newton’s Laws of Motion, explained by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about; watch COSMOS, Sunday at 9pm on FOX 50). 

Get a first look at the new FOX comedy, SURVIVING JACK.

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