WATCH: Sneak peek at all-new episode of BEN AND KATE - "Career Day"

Geoff Stults (“The Finder”) and Amber Stevens (“Greek”) Guest Star

BEN AND KATE: With the help of Will (guest star Geoff Stults, L) and Ben (Nat Faxon, R), Kate (Dakota Johnson, C) performs a musical number from "Jesus Christ Superstar" in the "Reunion" episode of BEN AND KATE airing Tuesday, Nov. 20 (8:30-9:00 PM) on FOX 50.


When a high school reunion is held on the eve of Thanksgiving, Will (guest star Geoff Stults) encourages Kate to attend and stand up to the high school bully, Anna (guest star Amber Stevens) for giving her an unforgettable nickname.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the holiday season, Ben doesn’t think he can keep much longer the huge secret that he and BJ have been hiding from Kate in the all-new “Reunion” episode of BEN AND KATE airing Tuesday, Nov. 20 (8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (BEN-108) (TV-14 D, L) 

Cast: Nat Faxon as Ben Fox; Dakota Johnson as Kate Fox; Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Maddie; Lucy Punch as BJ; Echo Kellum as Tommy. 

Guest Cast: Geoff Stults as Will; Amber Stevens as Anna; Rafi Silver as Soroush; Tony Cavalero as Donovan; Andy Forrest as Justice of the Peace; Marty Dew as Drunk Dude.

BONUS CLIP: Careful, one look at sweet Keith and you'll never wanna let him go!

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