• WATCH: Sept. 22 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: FOX 50 Family Fest, Chef Oscar, NC Latin American Film Festival, Soccer Tips, Latino Leader David Diaz... Read more..

  • WATCH: Sept. 15 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: Maria Ines Robayo discusses mistreatment of children; Latin Culture profiles the country of Ecuador;Luis Gonzalez demonstrates a 4 minute complete work out; Latina Leader Paula Miliano De Marval.... Read more..

  • WATCH: Sept. 8 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: La Fiesta del Pueblo; Chef Oscar's Queso Fundido recipe; nutrition tips with Luis González; driving safety tips with Jorge Brewer of the Highway Patrol; Latino Leader Norma Quiñonez... Read more..

  • La Fiesta del Pueblo 2013

    Sunday September 8th 12-8PM... Read more..

  • Enfrijoladas - Breakfast Dish

    Breakfast Dish: 2 servings Enfrijoladas Ingredientes: 6 huevos 3 cucharadas de cebolla 3 cucharadas de tomate 1 taza de frijoles negros molidos 6 tortillas de maíz Crema Queso Fresco Cilantro Ingredients: 6... Read more..

  • Queso Fundido

    Appetizer Dish: 2 servings Queso Fundido Ingredientes: 4 cucharadas de Chorizo 4 cucharadas de Rajas de chile poblano y cebolla cocinados 4 cucharadas de Hongos 1 1/2 tazas de Queso Chihuahua 1 cucharada... Read more..

  • How Do You Settle a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    There are several ways to settle a workers' compensation claim, depending on whether the injured worker returns to work with his employer.... Read more..

  • Tempura Vegetables

    Ingredients: Corn Starch Corn Flower Carbonated Water Broccoli Mushrooms Bell Peppers Zucchinis Shrimp Salt Oil for Frying Method: Mix 4 tablespoons of corn starch and 4 table spoons of corn flower,... Read more..

  • Papa a la Huancaína

    Papa a la Huancaína 6-8 Peruvian yellow pepper 10 oz Feta cheese 12 oz Milk 1 tsp. Salt 5-10 Salt crackers 6 Potatoes 3 Eggs 4 Leaves of romaine lettuce 2 Olives 2 Garlic cloves Directions First,... Read more..

  • Baguette Recipe

    Ingredients:  Oil  Balsamic Vinegar  Salt  Cilantro  Tomato  Onion  Garlic  Baguette  Directions:  Cut baguette into slices about two inches thick. Place... Read more..

  • Yogurt Recipe

    Ingredients: Plain yogurt Heavy whipping cream Sugar Blackberries Strawberries Mango Mix yogurt with cream until you achieve a smooth and liquid consistency. Start adding in chopped fruit and sugar.... Read more..

  • Yuca Fries recipe (Cassava) - Receta Yuca Frita

        Ingredients – Ingredientes   • Chicken Broth – Caldo de Pollo   • Vinegar – Vinagre   • Salt – Sal   • Garlic Cloves –... Read more..

  • Ensalada Fresca

    Ensalada Fresca Ingredientes: Naranja Mango Jícama Pepino Menta Cilantro Vinagreta balsámico Queso fresco Sal Se cortan todos los ingredientes y se mezclan. La naranja se corta en segmentos para que... Read more..

  • Recado/ sofrito

    Recado/ sofrito Ingredients: Red bell pepper Cilantro Culantro Garlic Onions Aji dulce Salt Water De-seed the bell peppers. Chop all ingredients so they fit into blender. Add water and blend until... Read more..

  • The Economic Impact of Immigration Reform: A Leadership Triangle Forum

    The Economic Impact of Immigration Reform: A Leadership Triangle Forum Leadership Triangle Presents a Business Perspective on Immigration DURHAM, NC --- Leadership Triangle, an organization that has... Read more..

  • Making Plantanos

    Ingredients: Plantains Salt Cream Crumbling cheese (Queso fresco) Oil Preparation: Place pan on burner and preheat. Meanwhile peel plantain and cut in half. Once pan is hot, add... Read more..

  • Mussels

    Mussels white wine salt black pepper butter lime cilantro tomatoes Preheat pan. Once hot, add a touch of oil and toss in mussels just to get them going. Add a touch of... Read more..

  • Immigration News for North Carolina April 21st

    Immigration News for North Carolina April 21st... Read more..

  • Crispy Skin Salmon

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /*... Read more..

  • Portobello

    Ingredients – Ingredientes   1 Portobello mushroom –  1 Hongo Portobello Goat Cheese – Queso de cabra Tomatoes – Tomate Olive... Read more..

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