• WATCH: Oct. 20, 2013 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: Culture of Guatemala; Chef Oscar cooks empanadas; Choir of Puerto Rico; Latino Leader Artist Nora Phillips... Read more..

  • Food Drive for the Food Bank of NC

    Bilingual Connections and two other local companies are joining forces to collect food from our community to help stock the shelves of the Food Bank of NC. The three companies are planning to deliver... Read more..

  • WATCH: Oct. 13, 2013 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: 13th annual Hispanic Market Advantage conference; Latino Leader Professor Ramon Collazo; Larry Wooten of NC Farm Bureau... Read more..

  • WATCH: Oct. 6, 2013 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: 13th annual Hispanic Market Advantage conference; Latino Leader Professor Ramon Collazo; Larry Wooten of NC Farm Bureau... Read more..

  • Viva Raleigh

    ... Read more..

  • WATCH: Sept. 29 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: Bilingual Connections, Education - Wake County Public Schools, Latino Leader Pergentino Balbuena, FOX 50 Family Fest... Read more..

  • WATCH: Sept. 22 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: FOX 50 Family Fest, Chef Oscar, NC Latin American Film Festival, Soccer Tips, Latino Leader David Diaz... Read more..

  • WATCH: Sept. 15 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: Maria Ines Robayo discusses mistreatment of children; Latin Culture profiles the country of Ecuador;Luis Gonzalez demonstrates a 4 minute complete work out; Latina Leader Paula Miliano De Marval.... Read more..

  • WATCH: Sept. 8 Episode of HOLA

    Topics: La Fiesta del Pueblo; Chef Oscar's Queso Fundido recipe; nutrition tips with Luis González; driving safety tips with Jorge Brewer of the Highway Patrol; Latino Leader Norma Quiñonez... Read more..

  • La Fiesta del Pueblo 2013

    Sunday September 8th 12-8PM... Read more..

  • Enfrijoladas - Breakfast Dish

    Breakfast Dish: 2 servings Enfrijoladas Ingredientes: 6 huevos 3 cucharadas de cebolla 3 cucharadas de tomate 1 taza de frijoles negros molidos 6 tortillas de maíz Crema Queso Fresco Cilantro Ingredients: 6... Read more..

  • Queso Fundido

    Appetizer Dish: 2 servings Queso Fundido Ingredientes: 4 cucharadas de Chorizo 4 cucharadas de Rajas de chile poblano y cebolla cocinados 4 cucharadas de Hongos 1 1/2 tazas de Queso Chihuahua 1 cucharada... Read more..

  • How Do You Settle a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    There are several ways to settle a workers' compensation claim, depending on whether the injured worker returns to work with his employer.... Read more..

  • Tempura Vegetables

    Ingredients: Corn Starch Corn Flower Carbonated Water Broccoli Mushrooms Bell Peppers Zucchinis Shrimp Salt Oil for Frying Method: Mix 4 tablespoons of corn starch and 4 table spoons of corn flower,... Read more..

  • Papa a la Huancaína

    Papa a la Huancaína 6-8 Peruvian yellow pepper 10 oz Feta cheese 12 oz Milk 1 tsp. Salt 5-10 Salt crackers 6 Potatoes 3 Eggs 4 Leaves of romaine lettuce 2 Olives 2 Garlic cloves Directions First,... Read more..

  • Baguette Recipe

    Ingredients:  Oil  Balsamic Vinegar  Salt  Cilantro  Tomato  Onion  Garlic  Baguette  Directions:  Cut baguette into slices about two inches thick. Place... Read more..

  • Yogurt Recipe

    Ingredients: Plain yogurt Heavy whipping cream Sugar Blackberries Strawberries Mango Mix yogurt with cream until you achieve a smooth and liquid consistency. Start adding in chopped fruit and sugar.... Read more..

  • Yuca Fries recipe (Cassava) - Receta Yuca Frita

        Ingredients – Ingredientes   • Chicken Broth – Caldo de Pollo   • Vinegar – Vinagre   • Salt – Sal   • Garlic Cloves –... Read more..

  • Ensalada Fresca

    Ensalada Fresca Ingredientes: Naranja Mango Jícama Pepino Menta Cilantro Vinagreta balsámico Queso fresco Sal Se cortan todos los ingredientes y se mezclan. La naranja se corta en segmentos para que... Read more..

  • Recado/ sofrito

    Recado/ sofrito Ingredients: Red bell pepper Cilantro Culantro Garlic Onions Aji dulce Salt Water De-seed the bell peppers. Chop all ingredients so they fit into blender. Add water and blend until... Read more..

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