By Aolani Donegan

Downtown Raleigh came alive this weekend despite the rain and cold weather.

SPARKcon was founded in 2006 by  Beth and Aly Khalifa to help support local artists and creative spirit. The "Creative Potluck" as it's website describes is a four day festival with more than 175 events. SPARKcon is a program born under the Visual Arts Exchange non-profit umbrella, and  thousands of volunteers braved the elements this weekend to provide the community with an array of creative and entertaining events. The "SPARKS" included circus, geek, music, fashion, film, poetry and art among them.

FOX 50 was proud to have an opportunity to show the first episode of Zooey Deschanel's new comedy "NEW GIRL"

The Saturday crowd milled about Fayetteville street and to my surprise, the weather wasn't a factor as the crowed laughed and picked up free FOX 50 prizes.

Be sure to check it out tonight at 9pm right after the series premiere GLEE.

Photographer Dimitri Williams noted that he "tried to check out all 175 events, but was most impressed by the local designer presentation on Friday night at fashionSPARK." 

Organizers, Angel M. Feimster-Montoya, Erica Porter, Christa Baysden, Letisha Perry, Christine McCallum, Maude Mensah, Rob Alinovi, Nancy Zura Alinovi, Jimmy Nguyen, Chico Scott and Laura Watson put on a magnificent show. The “Wear What You Are” fashion featured 15 local designers and really was a joy to watch.  The music was amazing and despite the cold weather, the models did an amazing job. Some were barefoot and others wore lightweight materials but never showed discomfort. (and Trust me, it was cold) 

Check out the list of Top local designers - many have received national press for their work:

Domino by Jessica Domino- clothing
Katarzy by Katrina Andrews – clothing
Tyger Alexis by Kristin Robbins and Sarah Davis- clothing
Pamor Designs by Pilar Ramirez- jewelry
Emma Gray Designs by Emily Galvin – jewelry
Fam Co. by Evan S. Chisholm- clothing
Eleanor Hoffman and Katelyn Sexton - clothing
uneven hearts by Katy Robb- clothing
SSD Jewelry by Melissa Lowery- jewelry
Gabrielle Duggan- clothing
Marie Cordella- clothing
Villette  by Amy Quinn and Kelly Ruehlman- clothing
Emily Claire Designs by Claire Jacobs- jewelry
Revamp and Good Girls by Johanna Ely and Jamie Powell- clothing and jewelry
Jfaith by Jessica Hunt Palmer – clothing
Raleigh Denim by Sarah Yarborough and Victor Lytvinenko- clothing

CHECK OUT THE artSPARK, NEW GIRL screening and, fashionSPARK photos by Dimitri Williams in the FOX 50 photo gallery.

View Dimitri Williams Photos here

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