Find America's Favorite Shows on FOX 50!

By Jason Matthews

Wanna see America's favorite shows and performers?  Then watch FOX 50!

The People's Choice Awards were announced on January 5.  With the winners chosen by the fans in all of the cateogories, a huge number of your favorite shows and performers can be found on FOX 50!  

Wanna watch the winners for "Favorite TV Comedy," "Favorite TV Drama," "Favorite Compeition Show," "Favorite Crime Drama" and "Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show?"  They're all here!

But don't take our word for it.  Check out the list of winners (in bold) and nominees (in italics).  And keep watching your favorite shows and performers on FOX 50!

  • Favorite TV Drama: HOUSE

  • Favorite TV Drama Actor: Hugh Laurie

  • Favorite TV Drama Actress: Lisa Edelstein

  • Favorite TV Comedy: GLEE
  • Favorite TV Comedy: TWO AND A HALF MEN
  • Favorite TV Comedy Actress: Jane Lynch
  • Favorite TV Comedy Actor: Matthew Morrison
  • Favorite Competition Show: AMERICAN IDOL
  • Favorite Competition Show: HELL'S KITCHEN, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE
  • Favorite Crime Drama: LIE TO ME

  • Favorite TV Crime Fighter: Tim Roth, LIE TO ME
  • Favorite TV Crime Fighter: Emily Deschanel, BONES
  • Favorite Sci-FI/Fantasy Show: FRINGE
  • Favorite TV Guest Star: Britney Spears, GLEE; Neil Patrick Harris, GLEE
  • Favorite TV Doctor: "Gregory House," Hugh Laurie
  • Favorite TV Family: THE SIMPSONS
  • Favorite TV Family: The Griffins, FAMILY GUY; The Harpers, TWO AND A HALF MEN
  • Favorite TV Chef: Gordon Ramsay
  • Favorite New TV Comedy:  RAISING HOPE


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