The Mindy Project: Mindy Kaling Talks Season 2 ‘Do, Adam Pally Guest Arc - ARTICLE

Mindy Kaling will continue to sport a shorter ‘do on television when “The Mindy Project” returns to Fox this fall for its second season.

In the Season 1 finale of “The Mindy Project,” Mindy Kaling’s titular character chopped off her lengthy locks in a grand gesture for her boyfriend, Casey (Anders Holm), to prove to him she could handle roughing it on a move to Haiti.

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“So, this is a wig,” Mindy said on Wednesday when reporters visited the comedy’s set as part of the Television Critics Association Summer Tour and saw her ‘do.

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“I’ve loved having the short hair,” Mindy said of her phony crop.

But, while she’s been elated over the show hairdo, the actress and executive producer said not all members of the show’s team have been on board with the look.

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“I think it’s so fun, but my writing staff largely hates it. I was told by one of my writers… that if I cut my hair off, the show would tank,” she laughed. “He hates it, but I think it’s really fun, and chopping your hair off is something every woman fantasizes about doing.”

The Haiti situation will be resolved in the first few episodes of the new season, and somehow, Mindy will stay in New York City, where she’ll come into contact with several new characters, including one played by former “Happy Endings” star Adam Pally.

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“I went to Dartmouth College and until now, I’ve not been able to satirize my favorite kind of Dartmouth character, which is a kind of well-educated frat guy who is both congenial and ultra into his frat and Pally — we’ve been a huge fan of his for such a long time,” Mindy said. “He has a very fun, ‘bro’ energy, but also kind of exudes warmth in a way that’s kind of rare and we just kind of love that character – that kind of guy.”

-- Jolie Lash

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