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“Bones” returns to Fox for its ninth season this fall, and star Emily Deschanel reflected on the big TV milestone.

“I never even comprehended that nine was a possibility in any realm whatsoever,” Emily, who plays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan on the show, told Access Hollywood at Fox’s TCA bash in Los Angeles last week.

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When Emily’s show premiered back in 2005, she said she couldn’t have imagined that it would have such a lengthy lifespan, outlasting several other shows on the network.

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“When I started the show, I thought, ‘This show could go for three years!’ but that was the longest I could possibly conceive of and then, as the show went on, it’s just like — it just keeps going and it blows your mind that it just continues,” she added. “But now, we’re longer than ‘House’ and longer than ’24,’ which were hugely successful shows on Fox. I just feel so blessed that we are continuing and in our ninth season, so we’ll see how far we go.”

The Season 9 premiere of “Bones” kicks off at 8/7c on Monday, September 16 and Emily’s Brennan character, and David Boreanaz’s Special Agent Seeley Booth have hit a very rocky romantic road.

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“When we come back this season, we’re not in a good place,” she said.

Especially thanks to the serial killer – Pelant – blackmailing Booth into not accepting Brennan’s proposal.

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“There’s that serial killer stopping us from getting married and Booth has rejected Brennan’s proposal and she doesn’t know why and so they’re really unhappy at the beginning of the season,” she said. “We just filmed the first episode back, so it’s unusual to see these characters in that way. Especially Brennan — I don’t understand why our relationship’s not working, it’s just sad.”

Brennan doesn’t know that Booth is being blackmailed and Emily said it will be interesting to see if Brennan can follow her heart instead of her head.

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“There’ s a secret and he has a perfectly good reason [not to marry her], but we’ll see if Brennan is able to kind of have faith in something and she’s such a person who goes for empirical data, who goes for patterns and sequences, and we’ll see if she’s able to have faith, without having proof,” Emily said. “And it may require her… to have faith for them to be OK and we’ll see if that’s possible.”

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