STEVE HARVEY Show Listings: Week of May 12


MONDAY, 5/12/14
Steve breaks down some of the most bizarre questions from three guests who want to know if their unusual habits are normal, or not! Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser and reality star Todd Chrisley help to decide, “Is It Weird?”

Then meet the college student who went above and beyond to rescue a classmate from an attacker when Steve deems him today’s Harvey’s Hero!

And a 50-year-old single mom returns to the show for help finding love, but Steve reveals her extreme partying might be what’s keeping her from finding Mr. Right!

Plus, one couple’s ultimate fairy tale proposal takes place right in the studio!

TUESDAY, 5/13/14
Steve helps a woman whose addiction to social media posting is so extreme it’s ruining her relationships! Can he help her disconnect, or will she risk a brush with live tarantulas to get her smart phone back?

Then, Steve revives the classic game show “Beat the Clock” with an extreme twist – couples have only a minute to complete outrageous tasks for a chance to win huge prizes!

And Bishop T.D. Jakes joins Steve to share the secret to following your instincts!

Plus, Steve gets an up-close look at the no-holds-barred contact sport of combat juggling!

WEDNESDAY, 5/14/14
Steve helps two men whose stupidity was so extreme they need a public forum to make things right with their wives! They get to beg for forgiveness and Steve’s audience decides who is most sincere – the winner gets the ultimate “make-it-up-to-her” gift!

Then event planner to the stars Kevin Lee shows Steve how to throw a great spring get-together for as little as $50!

And Steve meets a student athlete who wasn’t afraid to stand up to a bully and defend a classmate!

Then relive someone else’s worst first date and learn from it with Steve’s new segment, “Extreme Date Reenactment!”

Plus, Steve goes head-to-head with audience members in an obstacle course right outside the studio!

THURSDAY, 5/15/14
Steve helps a woman whose man is way too hairy by arranging some extreme “manscaping” right in the studio!

Then nutritionist and fitness trainer Traci D. Mitchell joins Steve for a “gut check” and reveals the three things you can do to combat belly fat!

And “Divorce Court” Judge Lynn Toler tackles the legal issues caused by social media and helps three women who were wronged online!

Plus, Steve is challenged to play “The Eliminator” game against some adventurous audience members!

FRIDAY, 5/16/14
In preparation for his best-selling book’s sequel, “Think Like a Man Too,” Steve hosts a ladies’ lunch for single women who read his first book but still have unanswered questions! Things get candid when these women ask Steve about online dating, the 90-day pledge, how to deal with exes, and cheating!

Then Steve shares a good news story – how did skipping school make these boys into heroes?

And the stars of AMC’s “Freakshow” reveal their most incredible oddities, tricks and live creatures!

Plus, a woman with 25 years in the armed forces shares her biggest lessons, including what kept her going while raising three children during her military service.

And Steve reveals Chicago’s most extreme Bloody Mary cocktails – one is topped with grilled cheese, sushi and bacon!

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