STEVE HARVEY Show Listings: Week of Mar 31


MONDAY, 3/31/14
Steve kicks off "Celebrate Spring" week with a whole week of shows that celebrate fun in the sun! First, Steve's revealing his all-new video with the dynamo host of "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon! See what results when Steve and Jimmy do a "Lip Flip"!

Then, find out the hottest trends for Spring in a full-figured Spring fashion spectacular! Author and style guru Daisy Llewellyn breaks down ll the latest trends for women with curves!

Also, Steve honors a Chicago "Harvey's Hero" who rescued someone from the path of an oncoming train!

Plus, Steve meets a woman who says she's never had a date and is a 30-year-old virgin. She's been saving herself for marriage but is ready for a change – can Steve set her up on a great first date right on the show?

And, figure skating legend Dorothy Hamill shares her secrets to Spring fitness!

TUESDAY, 4/1/14

Steve meets two soon-to-be married couples facing problems that may be wedding dealbreakers! Will Steve help them find common ground before they walk down the aisle?

Then celebrity chef Rick Bayless is ready for spring and he's grilling up some delicious seasonal recipes!

And Steve's next guest was homeless for a year until a total stranger changed her life. Now she wants to thank her, so Steve arranges a special surprise reunion!

Plus, Steve meets a young college freshman who appears to be an average student -- but she's really been training to be a ninja!


Steve meets a woman who says her husband treats her like one of the guys and she's had enough! Steve's got a test to prove whether or not he's ready to quit "bromancing" his wife!

Then, Spring is finally here and Steve is celebrating with chicks, bunnies and babies – all right outside the studio with kid reporter Henry Stephens!

Also, Steve reveals the newest dating app and online dating coach Bela Gandhi shares the three things you need to know before using it to find love!

And Steve follows up with graduates of his Disney Dreamers Academy and meets this year's group of young people aspiring to achieve their dreams!

Plus, meet the 7-year-old boy whose hilarious impression of his dad got him some unexpected attention and made his wish come true!

THURSDAY, 4/3/14

Steve meets a woman who spends so much time with her gay best friend that he's become her "stand-in" boyfriend. Steve breaks down their friendship to find out if it may be keeping her from finding Mr. Right!

Then, Steve honors his latest "Harvey's Hero," 19-year-old Victoria Draper - find out how she is making prom dreams come true for girls that wouldn't otherwise be able to go!

Also, Stephen Viscusi, author of "Bulletproof My Job," shares the key steps to asking for a promotion and getting it! What happens when one woman takes his advice and confronts her boss right on Steve's stage?

And "Celebrate Spring Week" continues as NBC5 Meteorologist Cheryl Scott reports from Chicago's famous Oak Street Beach!

FRIDAY, 4/4/14

Steve meets a woman who loves her husband, but he's so obsessed with movies that it has taken over their life! Steve brings in Hollywood movie guru Ben Lyons with tips on how to use movies as inspiration for real life romance!

Then Steve the Handyman is getting you ready to garden with easy do-it-yourself composting!

And AMERICAN IDOL Winner Ruben Studdard performs a love song from his new album and talks with Steve about losing 100 pounds and keeping it off! Plus, Ruben mentors a woman auditioning for her local church choir!

And the Chicago Kite Club shows off their flying colors!

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