STEVE HARVEY Show Listings: Week of June 9


MONDAY, 6/9/14
Steve helps a woman who is ready to move on after 20 years of marriage and you won’t believe how she’s celebrating her divorce! She’s getting rid of everything that reminds her of her ex, from jewelry to bedding, with a divorce party!

Then “The Real Housewives of New York City” star and fashion designer Heather Thomson shares the secrets to looking your best in a bathing suit when she reveals summer’s hottest new swimwear styles!

And get in shape for the season with tips on starting a raw food diet from “eating raw” guru Karyn Calabrese!

Plus, Steve reveals photos of people who realized their break-ups were blessings – see how they’re celebrating divorce!

TUESDAY, 6/10/14
Viewers answered the call for help when they sent in hundreds of candidates to be Steve’s intern! Meet the lucky winner and find out what it’s really like to work for Steve behind the cameras!

Then body language expert and author Janine Driver decodes how you carry yourself and why it is so important for success!

And Steve meets a breakout star from CNN’s docu-series, “Chicagoland,” when Principal Liz Dozier shares her struggle to make changes at one of Chicago’s most troubled schools. Plus, she’s in for a huge surprise when Steve arranges his biggest thank-you ever!

And find out just how many eggs can be crushed with elbows forward in under a minute when Vibez tries to break his own Guinness World Record for Steve!

WEDNESDAY, 6/11/14
Steve helps a woman who wants a second chance with a love she lost 20 years ago, the father of her child! See their emotional family reunion! Clinical psychologist Dr. John Duffy shares tips for re-establishing a family dynamic after years of separation.

Then find out the secret to losing weight fast when nutritionist JJ Smith reveals her 10-day plan that gets record-breaking results!

And a wife desperately in need of free closet space comes to Steve for help – her man is addicted to shopping! Steve brings this guy’s stuff in studio and offers him a dream vacation in exchange for clearing it out, but will this husband be able to part with his purchases?

Plus, how one kid’s reaction to the car wash went viral!

THURSDAY, 6/12/14
Steve takes a husband to swagger school, revealing tips on dressing with style and treating a lady right!

Then “Today” show nutritionist Joy Bauer shows Steve common household items that could be making you fat! Find out the simple changes you can make at home to help you lose weight!

And Steve answers a single mom S.O.S. from a woman whose overprotective sons are getting in the way of her love life! Can he get them to accept that she’s ready for dating?

And the next viral dance craze is from right here in Chicago – meet the creator of “D-Low Shuffle!”

FRIDAY, 6/13/14
Steve has a special surprise from overseas for a woman in the audience – her life is about to change forever!

Then Steve helps a man find the words to express his love for his family and he’s doing it all over town!

And “Flirt Fearlessly” author Rachel Dealto reveals the hottest dating trends for this year, including new matchmaking websites and apps for your smart phone!

Then dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban shares tips for getting rid of acne and keeping clear skin!

Plus, artist Dan the Pancake Man unveils his latest edible artwork and it looks just like Steve!

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