STEVE HARVEY Show Listings: Week of June 2


MONDAY, 6/2/14
With his “United Dates of America” series, Steve helps the worst daters in the country! Today he meets a woman from Minnesota who says she’s a true dating disaster, so Steve’s cameras follow her on a date to prove she’s coming on too strong!

Then “Steve the Tester” checks out the latest gadgets for the season and decides if you should use them, or lose them!

And Steve introduces Michael Dadashi, a leading entrepreneur and a recovering heroin addict, who is using his recovery to help others struggling with addiction. See the emotional surprise thank-you he gets from three people whose lives he changed for the better!

And check out the incredible talents of pro trick shot pool player Florian, a.k.a. Venom!

TUESDAY, 6/3/14
A woman whose fiancé is an accomplished professional with a PhD says he may be smart, but he doesn’t look the part! Her man
dresses like a teenager, so Steve’s style team is ready to transform his look with a man makeover!

Then “Steve the Interrogator” puts a reformed cheater in the hot seat to see if he’s really changed! The girlfriend he betrayed has taken him back, but her mom doesn’t approve, so she’s asking some tough questions!

Then Steve introduces Harvey’s Hero Dick Royce, a retiree and cancer survivor selling ice cream for a good cause!

And you’ve seen the viral video – the graduate who attempted a backflip and failed in front of millions – Steve gives him a second chance on national TV!

Sometimes love is blind, so how can you know when issues in your relationship are dealbreakers? Steve helps a woman figure it out when he helps two guests wondering if they should call it quits with their men!

Then, Gospel legend Donnie McClurkin performs inspirational music from his latest CD!

And Steve wants to know which Maine restaurant serves up the best lobster roll, J’s Oyster from Portland or The Clam Shack from Kennebunk? Find out which seafood sandwich gets the golden spatula in this edition of “the Great American Food Fight!”

Plus, Steve meets the 5-year-old girl making an impression on Instagram – actually, many impressions, including one of Steve!

THURSDAY, 6/5/14
Steve talks to overprotective moms labeled “fighter jet moms” because they take hovering over their kids to another level! Steve’s
hidden cameras put one mom to the test when her kids are forced to handle awkward situations without her! Clinical psychologist Dr. John Duffy weighs in on the pros and cons of overprotective parenting.

Then, Steve welcomes an inspiring new hero from Chicago’s tough west side neighborhood and there’s a surprise in store for him!

Plus, Steve shares how keeping in touch with an old flame could be dangerous as he decodes what exes really mean when texting!

Find out his top text messages NOT to send to your ex!

FRIDAY, 6/6/14

Six-time best-selling author, motivational speaker and millionaire entrepreneur Lisa Nichols tells the story behind her rise to success after being a poverty-stricken single mom! She shares tips for turning your life around and helps one viewer who desperately wants to change!

Then Steve’s daughter Morgan, a certified chef, reveals a list of foreign foods that have gotten worse for you here in America!

And prom season is here and Steve’s setting up a girl basketball player who is always overlooked by boys – he pulls out all the stops for her dream prom, including surprise date Jahlil Okafor!

Plus, Steve revisits all the 2014 Harvey’s Heroes who are doing incredible, inspiring things thanks to Green Dot!

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