STEVE HARVEY Show Listings: Week of August 4


MONDAY, 8/4/14
Steve helps a 21-year-old woman who says she’s never been kissed! Can Steve and his dating dream team help her land her first date and get the kiss she’s always wanted? Plus, tips for successful first dates!

Then, Steve explores the phenomenon of night eating when he meets a woman who eats healthy all day, but indulges in junk food all night! Could you be packing on the pounds while you sleep? Psychotherapist Michelle Cleary breaks down this eating disorder and gives advice on how to get help.

Also, Steve meets the Guinness World Record-holder for hula-hooping with a 100-pound tire!

And Steve shows how to buy, serve and enjoy champagne like a pro at your next party!

TUESDAY, 8/5/14
Steve’s got a plan for a longtime couple who’s lost the spark – he’s helping them relive their love story!

Then Steve welcomes Julianna and Natasha from “Cinema & Spice” and they’re cooking up breakfast in bed with a dash of romance!

And find out the three questions women should ask to know if their relationship problems are Valentine’s Day deal breakers!

Also, a husband surprises his wife with a heartfelt Valentine’s Day declaration of love!

Steve helps a woman find out why she’s still single by getting honest answers from her ex-boyfriends! It’s a lesson in love when Steve and the guys break down what mistakes she’s been making!

Then, Steve kicks off “Thank You Week” when he meets an extraordinary 11-year-old girl who made a difference for a friend in need – she has no idea she’s in for one giant thank you!

Also, Steve reveals the three biggest lies that men tell women on first dates!

And award-winning dance team “Defining Diversity” performs!

THURSDAY, 8/7/14
Steve catches up with entertainment legend Betty White and the quick-witted Golden Girl talks game shows, decades of success and her two hilarious TV shows!

Then, Steve meets a young boy fighting cancer and the best friend who has shown him incredible support – Steve’s got a huge surprise for these extraordinary kids!

And Steve shares tips for women who want to help their friends find love!

Plus, Steve introduces the nail art sensation who is becoming a social media celeb and she’s using Steve’s face in her latest manicure!

FRIDAY, 8/8/14
Steve continues his quest to help the biggest dating disasters across the country when his “United Dates of America” series hits the Pacific Northwest! Can he find Mr. Right for the worst dater in Oregon?

Then Steve introduces a “Harvey’s Hero,” Antoinette Tuff, who made national headlines when she saved hundreds from an intruding gunman at school!

And legendary comedian George Wallace reveals his hilarious rules to live by, plus Jerry Seinfeld reveals some secrets about George!

Then “Travel Mom” Emily Kaufman has tips for finding luxury vacations for a deal!

And Steve shares an embarrassing, but hilarious accidental text message!

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