STEVE HARVEY Show Listings: Week of August 11


MONDAY, 08/11/14
Two women struck by unthinkable tragedy share their stories and Steve honors their strength and resilience by naming them “Super Moms!” Steve sets them up with some well-deserved pampering, including the royal makeover treatment with Countess LuAnn de Lesseps from “Real Housewives of New York!”

Then Steve has a treat for the ladies when 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons performs a “revealing” sneak peek of his new Vegas show, “Men of the Strip.”

And a woman says her husband is so set in his ways that he’s acting 30 years older than he is! Steve has a plan to get him loosened up and feeling young again!

Plus, kid reporter Henry Stephens on how people across the country honor their moms!

TUESDAY, 08/12/14

Steve helps three wives who say their husbands have lost the spark! Can Steve give their men a little romance rehab to get them back on track? Plus, tips for all couples to keep the spice in their marriages!

Then best-selling romance author Jackie Collins reveals the celebrities who inspire her stories and what she thinks is hot, or not, in pop culture!

Also, Steve visits LL Cool J on the set of “N.C.I.S. Los Angeles” for a behind-the-scenes tour – check out Steve’s acting debut in their interrogation room!

Plus, Steve meets the woman behind a workout routine that’s gone viral when “Dancing Treadmill Diva” takes the stage!

WEDNESDAY, 08/13/14

Steve comes to the rescue for a mom who says her daughter is becoming a bridezilla! Can Steve help get this wedding and relationship on the right track? Plus, entertaining guru Kelley Moore shares tips to plan a wedding without losing your mind and without spending a fortune!

Then a former prison inmate on the path to success gets some finishing touches to his new look with help from Steve’s personal style team! Find out what details make the perfect suit and how to dress up any look!

And Steve goes shopping with the coupon queen, Jessica Jones, as she reveals shopping secrets that save you time and money at the grocery store!

Plus, check out the dad who takes embarrassing your kids to a whole new level!

THURSDAY, 08/14/14

Steve breaks down some of the most bizarre questions from three guests who want to know if their unusual habits are normal, or not! Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser and reality star Todd Chrisley help to decide, “Is It Weird?”

Then meet the college student who went above and beyond to rescue a classmate from an attacker when Steve deems him today’s Harvey’s Hero!

And a 50-year-old single mom returns to the show for help finding love, but Steve reveals her extreme partying might be what’s keeping her from finding Mr. Right!

Plus, one couple’s ultimate fairy tale proposal takes place right in the studio!

FRIDAY, 08/15/14

Steve meets two soon-to-be married couples facing problems that may be wedding dealbreakers! Will Steve help them find common ground before they walk down the aisle?

Then celebrity chef Rick Bayless is ready for spring and he’s grilling up some delicious seasonal recipes!

And Steve’s next guest was homeless for a year until a total stranger changed her life. Now she wants to thank her, so Steve arranges a special surprise reunion!

Plus, Steve meets a young college freshman who appears to be an average student -- but she’s really been training to be a ninja!

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