STEVE HARVEY Show Listings: Week of Apr 7


MONDAY, 4/7/14
Steve welcomes back his all-star panel – pageant coach Kim Gravel, reality star Countess Luann and Judge Lynn Toller – to break down what's trending today, from the newest social media craze to parenting truths and celebrity news!

Then it's happy hour with "The Hungry Girl" Lisa Lillien, who shares recipes for waistline-friendly snacks and drinks!

And Steve introduces MADD Rhythms, a local dance troupe making a difference in their underserved community, and they take the stage for their very first broadcast performance!

Plus, these moms invented safety products every family needs!

And Steve meets a woman from St. Louis who holds the Guinness World Record for loudest burps!

TUESDAY, 4/8/14
Steve knows it's not easy going solo to weddings, so he's helping one woman land the wedding date of her dreams!

Then health and beauty pro Michelle Park is back with the eastern alternatives to over-the-counter cures! Find out what natural remedies can replace everything in your medicine cabinet!

Then Steve's "Great American Food Fight" has a golden spatula to award to the best doughnut – who will take home the prize when Brooklyn's Dough faces off against Chicago's Fire Cakes?

Plus, Steve reveals a photographer's creative artwork with an unexpected subject – those dreaded potholes!

Steve helps a woman ask her fiancé something big – so big that it may change their entire relationship! She wants him to give her $38,000 for plastic surgery!

Then Steve reveals a millionaire mom whose passion for feeding her kids healthy food became a multi-million dollar business! She shares how she did it and Steve breaks down the three key steps she followed to achieve success!

And do women cheat more than men? Three female cheaters talk openly about their betrayals! Sex and relationship therapist Dr. Laura Berman weighs in on women who cheat and why!

Plus, it's an emotional surprise for an audience member when his wife surprises him with news of her pregnancy!

THURSDAY, 4/10/14
Steve helps women get back into dating after devastating break-ups! Huffington Post divorce contributor Jackie Pillosoph shares tips on how to move forward after heartbreak!

Then Steve calls in fashion stylist Lilliana Vazquez to take the wedding gowns from two divorcees and transform them into date-ready dresses!

And find out what those strange dreams really mean about you when dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg reveals the true meaning behind them!

Then two audience members face off to win a luxury vacation in Steve's version of "Card Sharks!"

And the unluckiest man in the world tells Steve how he survived being bitten by shark, poisoned by a snake, attacked by a monkey, and struck by lightning twice!

FRIDAY, 4/11/14
Steve is sniffing out the truth when a woman claims her husband is telling white lies all the time! Find out how Steve gets him to fess up under pressure!

Then Steve helps parents keep up with their kids with his "Instagram 101" and social media guru Kelli Zink shares the three most important things to know when posting photos!

And Steve introduces a newlywed couple with a big problem – the wife's best friend is a constant third wheel! Steve helps them find quality alone time while he gets their third wheel a date for herself!

Plus, a world-renown bubble artist shows off his unique talent!

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