RICKI LAKE Show Listings: Week of November 12

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Today, Ricki grabs unsuspecting people and whisks them off to get a totally new look!  A big fan of shock and surprises, Ricki finds a group of unsuspecting fashion violators (including one of her staff members) and hauls them backstage to get some much needed head-to-toe help.  To help her accomplish this, she’s assembled her own all-star glam squad including style expert Lawrence Zarian, master colorist Kim Vo, celebrity hairstylist Dean Banowetz and the team from Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge.

The face of addiction has changed over the last decade.  Studies are proving that more and more seemingly successful stay-at-home moms are silently suffering from some form of addiction.  Dr. Drew Pinsky, American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist and television and radio personality (VH1’s “Rehab,” syndicated radio show “Loveline”) joins Ricki to shed some light on the alarming increase in full-time homemakers who have severe addictions to, among other things, prescription pills and compulsive shopping.  Ricki introduces Dr. Drew to a modern-day “Carol Brady” – a woman with three lovely girls and three lively stepsons – who seems to have it all, but is secretly suffering from a crippling addiction to prescription pills.  Will Dr. Drew be able to convince her to go straight from the show into rehab?  Dr. Drew also counsels a woman who is addicted to shopping at her local 99¢ Only Store.

Last year alone, Americans spent more than $10 million dollars on cosmetic surgery.  Ricki explores the extreme lengths people are going to in order to look and feel younger.  She introduces us to new and innovative procedures, including a speedy breast augmentation that only takes an hour to do and allows the patient to be out and about that same evening.  And, Ricki helps provide a life changing surgery that enables a military veteran the chance to smile for the first time in a long time....plus a surprise that brings her to tears.  In addition, Ricki discusses the downside of plastic surgery and introduces us to a woman whose surgery became her worst nightmare...she went in to receive two new breasts and came out with one big one!   

Judge Lynn Toler from “Divorce Court” and Dr. Mike Dow from “Couples Therapy” join Ricki on the couch to help people determine whether it’s time to get married or time to break up.  After each couple pleads their case, Ricki and her panel will decide if they pass muster.  If they do, they’ll married right then and there on the set of “The Ricki Lake Show” (there’s a story for the grandkids!!).

Ricki explores how the platonic relationships in your life can be key to helping you find love.  When life throws you a curve ball, you rely on the love and support of your “peeps,” your “posse,” your entourage”…your GAGGLE – platonic friends of the opposite sex who know you better than you know yourself.  Ricki attempts to help two individuals find love on separate blind dates with the help of their personal “Gaggle” and undercover dating experiments with solid advice from relationship expert, Spirit.  Ricki also introduces Jessica Massa and Becky Wiegand, authors of  “The Gaggle,” a dating book and website that’s making a splash for its claims that we live in a “post-dating” world.

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