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MONDAY, MAY 6, 2013
Ricki sits down with self-proclaimed “bad boys” -- some women love to hate them and some women just can’t get enough of them -- who pull back the curtain to show us tricks of their Lothario-like behavior.  Ricki’s first guest, Rob, thinks “pimpin’” is easy and says women can’t resist him.  With good-natured humor, Rob allows a camera crew to follow him to showcase how he thrives in his natural habitat – usually, a singles bar.  Lonnie Dangerous (aka “The Hollywood Playboy”) says he’s looking for that special someone and has a unique system for thinning the dating herd and agrees to teach one of Ricki’s mild-mannered staff members how to up his game and become “a player.”  Ricki also warns parents to lock up their daughters when she introduces Jovan – his friends nicknamed him “The Virgin Snatcher,” although he much prefers to be thought of as a bona fide “Ladies’ Man” and says he now prefers “cougars.”  Ricki also invites two people with a lot of bad boy expertise – author of The MANual/relationship expert Steve Santagati and internationally recognized relationship expert and life coach, Laura Baron.

TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2013
Ricki talks with mothers who have been forced to raise a child on their own due to an unforeseen tragedy or a relationship that went horribly bad and left them alone -- for some, even before their child was born.  Lanaya was pregnant with their second child and living with her boyfriend, Justin, and their 4-month-old baby when one day he left the house and didn’t come back.  Lanaya explains her ordeal and Justin returns to give his side of the story.  Amy was about to get married in London when she found out she was pregnant…unfortunately, she eventually found out that her marriage was a sham and was left to raise her child alone with little support from her community back in Salt Lake City.  Also, Jodie lost her husband while pregnant with their third child and joins the show to help Asheena deal with the lost her fiancé mere weeks after giving birth and days before their wedding.  Dr. David Swanson, licensed clinical psychologist, also weighs in with advice for single mothers sharing similar struggles.

More unsuspecting audience members are treated to spontaneous psychic encounters with the help of James Van Praagh, New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned spiritual medium, and Maureen Hancock (author of “A Medium Next Door”) who survived a tragic car accident that, she says, left her with the ability to communicate with the deceased.  And, Cynthia Richmond, board-certified behavioral therapist and dream analyst/author of The Dream Power Journal, explains how dreams are often messages from the subconscious and reveals how everyone has the power to change their lives by deciphering their meanings.

Ricki sheds light on the latest trend in raising a family – couples who have chosen to start a family, although they are not romantically involved.  Twenty-three years ago, Rachel and her platonic best friend chose to be “family partners.”  They became co-parents to Jesse, who is now a thriving young man.  At 37-years-old, Rachel approached a long-time friend, 65-year-old Paul, who agreed to co-parent her second child.  While Paul is very present in the life of their four year-old daughter, Grace, he is not interested in having additional children.  Rachel is now in search of her next co-parenting partner and may have found that with Parker, although they are both independently courting other people.  For the very first time, all three will sit down to discuss the current and potential future arrangements for their very modern family.  Also, Ricki sits down with a lesbian couple who battled their former friend and sperm donor who decided he wanted an equal part in their child’s life.  And, a man who came to Nebraska from Australia to co-parent with a woman he’d never met in person.  Joining the conversation is Dr. Michele Borba and Ivan Fatovic, creator of the platonic, co-parenting website

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013
Ricki explores an alarming trend that is being dubbed “The Freeloader Generation.”  Many consider completing school, leaving home and getting a job to be three significant steps toward true adulthood.  Unfortunately, last year’s statistics showed that 43% of adults 18-29 still lived with their parents.  Deborah and Franklin are both unemployed, but are still taking care of their 18 year-old daughter, Havah, who refuses to get a job and prefers to party all night and sleep all day.   Ricki also speaks with Megan and Tasha whose cousin, Andrea, has been living with them for more than a year, but has not contributed a dime to their living expenses.  They say they’re fed up with footing her bills and feel she’s overstayed her welcome.  Ricki invites the always outspoken Judge Lynn Toler, co-author of Put It In Writing! Creating Agreements Between Family and Friends and host of “Divorce Court,” to set these families straight and create some very real, very adult boundaries for family moochers.

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