RICKI LAKE Show Listings: Week of April 29

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MONDAY, APRIL 29, 2013
Ricki introduces transgender men and women who, despite overwhelming societal stigmas and prejudices, chose to follow their own unique paths in life and managed to find love along the way.  Bianca was born male but lives as a woman, and her husband, Nick, was born female but now lives as a man -- although, for now, they have chosen to keep their original genitalia and Nick is currently pregnant with their second child.  Also, Brittini was born male but has lived as a woman since she was 14 years-old and, although attracted to men, is dating another transgender female, Renise.  And, Kylan Wenzel recently made history when she became the first transgender Miss California U.S.A. contestant.  She sits down with Ricki to discuss how she became a pioneer in the world of beauty pageants and introduces her current boyfriend, Sage.  Joining the conversation is Casey Weitzman, marriage and family therapist at the Gender Wellness of Los Angeles.

Ricki and her film producing partner, Abby Epstein, revisit their critically acclaimed documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” and how it changed their lives and the lives of women all around the world.  Fashion model Amber Rose joins Ricki to discuss how the film impacted her life and her choice to have a water birth, although discovering that her baby was breached ultimately changed her birthing plan.  Cindy Crawford sits down to speak candidly about her choice to give birth to both of her children at home and how pre-natal yoga changed her entire experience. Actresses Melissa Joan Hart (ABC Family’s “Melissa & Joey”) and Kelly Martin also stop by to share their unique birthing experiences.  Ricki also introduce Dr. Jennifer Lang, an obstetric oncologist who chose to have her own two children at home rather than a hospital.  Pregnant audience member Christina discusses how, although her first child was born via c-section, she is exploring her options to have a vaginal water birth with her second child.  Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist in Los Angeles, joins the conversation to lend her medical advice. 

Ricki talks with people who experienced unforeseen life-changing moments that happened in the blink of an eye and changed their lives…for better or worse.  Michelle was taking a leisure drive with her husband, Daniel, when a freak accident changed their lives forever.  In 2004, Anne went for a bike ride in the hills to burn a few calories and commune with nature when things took a horrific turn.  She and her husband, James, recount the day she was attacked by a mountain lion and sustained over 40 bites to her face and body.  Also, twin sisters Rikki and Vikki were models and reality stars when a tragic car accident left Rikki fighting for her life while her sister fought her own battles of guilt and helplessness.  Ricki shares the inspiring story of how they reclaimed their lives and continue to chase their Hollywood dreams.  And, how Kellen’s untimely death helped his sister, Erin, find true love with a complete stranger.  Joining the conversation is Pepperdine University’s Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis, a psychologist who specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).   

Ricki spends a candid hour talking about all things breasts -- the female body parts that nourish babies and turn grown men into mush.  Breasts can be mesmerizing, misunderstood and often mismeasured, so Ricki’s bringing in the experts to set the records straight.  First, Ricki’s cameras take to the street to hear what people are saying about “the girls.”  She then sits down with Emmy award-winning actor and comedian Jackee, who played sassy ‘Sandy’ on the iconic hit sitcom “227” and currently plays sexy cougar ‘Pauletta” on the CW’s “The First Family,” to have a frank discussion about how her “natural assets” have helped her television success.  Tamra Barney, star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” shares how removing her implants helped her regain her self-worth.  Ricki also introduces Rayo, a woman thrilled with her weight loss, but struggling with the ramifications to her chest area.  In addition, Jenette Goldstein, owner of “Jenette Bras,” drops by to introduce her new line of bras and show viewers how to determine their true bra size.  Also, Ricki assembles a “Man Panel” -- Finesse Mitchell (comedian and “Saturday Night Live” alumni), J-Roc (MTV’s “The Pauly D Project) and Los Angeles-based radio personality, “Stryker” – to give the “guy’s perspective.”  Also joining the conversation is Dr. Anthony Griffin, a Beverly Hills-based cosmetic surgeon.

FRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013
James Van Praagh, New York Times best-selling author and world-renowned spiritual medium, returns to give on-point messages to members of the studio audience from family and friends who have crossed over.  He also sits down to explain the difference between a spiritual medium and a psychic and the difference between “soul” and “spirit.”  He also defines the terms “soul pattern” and “soul group.” In addition, he uses photographs brought in by audience members to demonstrate another way in which he communicates with the departed.  Also providing readings is Colette Baron-Reid, founder of “The Master Intuitive Coach Institute” and best-selling author of The Map.

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