DR. OZ Show Listings: Week of May 27

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Currently in its  fourth season, the  two-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning syndicated daily series "The Dr. Oz Show" is hosted by  the two-time  Emmy Award-winning Dr. Mehmet Oz, trusted health expert, best-selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. "The Dr. Oz Show" is an entertaining, high-octane, multi-topic hour offering equal parts life saving information in an “embarrassment-free” zone and where nothing is off limits or out of bounds.

MONDAY, MAY 27, 2013

Today Dr. Oz welcomes celebrity "Top Chef" Richard Blais, who tells all of the restaurants' dirty little secrets. From how to read a menu and spend less money, to whether waiters really spit in food – they have all the answers. Public Health Inspector Peter Delucia is also here to reveal the top potential health problems of eating out.

Then, Dr. Oz has the solutions to the biggest body complaints – varicose veins, sagging breasts, and cellulite. Dr. Oz sits down with experts for every problem. Dr. Oz and Dr. Louis Navarro discuss therapy to help cure varicose veins, Jene Luciana gives her tips on finding the perfect bra, and dermatologist Heidi Waldorf and trainer Jolene Mathews show the top cellulite cream, plus the best moves to blast cellulite.

TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013

How long does it really take to digest a piece of gum? Is memory loss really inevitable with age? Dr. Oz sits with the greatest illusionists of our time, Penn & Teller, to debunk some of the biggest medical myths. Penn and Teller teach Dr. Oz the magic tricks that can make brain size bigger.

Today is all about secrets and illusions – but the little secrets people keep from their family, friends, and even their doctors can have big health consequences. Dr. Oz asks which health secrets you're too afraid to share – he starts with the most common secrets and reveals why keeping them locked away is harmful.

Later, Dr. Oz shares his viewers' funniest fails with do-it-yourself projects gone wrong.


Today's show will be a revelation for many women who wonder why they're so tired and can't seem to get the answer from their doctor. Dr. Oz shares that groundbreaking new science has identified the hidden cause of your exhaustion, and explains how easy it is to treat. Wellness physician and dietician Dr. Elizabeth Boham joins Dr. Oz to discuss how a saliva test can determine the amount of yeast in your body, which is then linked to exhaustion. Dr. Oz and Dr. Boham talk about three easy steps you can take to reduce your yeast and fight your exhaustion.

Then, Dr. Oz and one of the leaders in integrative medicine, Dr. Russ Greenfield, shed light on the new controversy surrounding ginkgo biloba – Does it really work, and is it safe? Known as an ancient miracle memory cure for years, Dr. Oz and Dr. Greenfield get to the bottom of its risk factors and effectiveness.

Later, Dr. Oz reveals the best memory boosters you've never heard of, and how to keep your most important joint pain free in Dr. Oz's anatomy lab.

THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013

How healthy are you? Today, Dr. Oz has assembled the biggest team of the best doctors in America to create He has the 20 questions that could save your life! Dr. Oz also reveals the three body pains to never ignore, because they could be signs pointing to serious health problems.

Then, consumers spend hundreds of dollars at the pharmacy every month, but Dr. Oz says it shouldn't be your go-to store for everything. Expert pharmacist Suzy Cohen joins Dr. Oz to reveal the rip-offs in every aisle. Suzy and Dr. Oz answer your biggest questions and will uncover why consumers fall for rip-offs, how to avoid getting fooled, and alternatives to your favorite pricy products.

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013

Today Dr. Oz welcomes back Dr. Andrew Weil, one of America's best integrative medicine doctors, to do something he has never done before -- he's taking The Dr. Oz Show behind closed doors into his home. He shows us the five NEW health essentials that you must have in your life right now; all of these will help problems such as beating fatigue, slowing aging, losing weight naturally, preventing sickness, and aligning your mind and your body. The best part -- implementing these tools every day, as Dr. Weil does, will have instant impact on your life NOW.

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